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  1. media
  2. channels
  3. stressors
  4. proxemics
  5. pitch
  1. a means of communication or expression; courses or directions of thought
  2. b the study of the nature, degree and efect f spacial seperation individuals naturally maintain
  3. c term applied to agencies of mass communication; such as newspapers, magazines or telecommmunications
  4. d the highness or lowness of a sound
  5. e stimuli that causes stress

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  1. forceful or intended to dominate; hostile, injurious, or destructive, esspecailly when refering to behavior caused by frustration
  2. capacity for comprehension; an awarness of the elements of the enviroment
  3. something conforming to a fixed or general pattern; a standardized mental picture that is held in common by many and represents an oversimplified opinion
  4. being in agreement, harmony, or corespondence; conforming to the circumstances or requirments of the situation
  5. sharp and ofter satirical response or ironic utterance designed to ut or give pain

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  1. encodesconverts, as in a message, into intelligible form; recognizes and interprets


  2. ambiguousprone to engage in lawsuits


  3. feedbackthe transmission of evaluative or corrective information to the original or contoling source about an action, event, or process


  4. volatileeasily aroused; tending to erupt in violence


  5. adageto fill with life; to give spirit and support to expressions


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