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  1. encroachments
  2. stressors
  3. subtle
  4. external noise
  5. media
  1. a difficult to understandor percieve; having or marked by keen insight and ability t penatrate deeply or thouroughly
  2. b actions that advance beyond the usual or proper limits
  3. c term applied to agencies of mass communication; such as newspapers, magazines or telecommmunications
  4. d stimuli that causes stress
  5. e sounds or factors outside the brain that that interfere with the communication process

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  1. reaction to an unfortunate outcome; a deep distress caused by bereavement, a loss or a percieved loss
  2. capacity for comprehension; an awarness of the elements of the enviroment
  3. forceful or intended to dominate; hostile, injurious, or destructive, esspecailly when refering to behavior caused by frustration
  4. any type of intererene that inhibits the communication process and is related to the languages spoken by the people attempting to communicate
  5. an offensive touching or use of forceon a person without his or her consent

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  1. encodesconverts, as in a message, into intelligible form; recognizes and interprets


  2. ambiguousprone to engage in lawsuits


  3. volatileeasily aroused; tending to erupt in violence


  4. vehemtlyin am anner marked by forceful energy; intensly emotionally


  5. litigiouscapible of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways; unclear


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