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  1. malediction
  2. ambiguous
  3. decodes
  4. caustic
  5. thanatology
  1. a the study of the phenomena of death and psychologic methods of coping with death
  2. b marked by sarcasm
  3. c speaking evil or the calling of a curse
  4. d converts, as in a message, into intelligible form; recognizes and interprets
  5. e capible of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways; unclear

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  1. reaction to an unfortunate outcome; a deep distress caused by bereavement, a loss or a percieved loss
  2. a saying, often in metaphric form,that embodies a common observation
  3. to express an idea in diferent wordingin an effort to enhance communication and clarify meaning
  4. factors inside the brainthat interfere with the communication process
  5. stimuli that causes stress

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  1. perceptionin am anner marked by forceful energy; intensly emotionally


  2. comfort zonebeing in agreement, harmony, or corespondence; conforming to the circumstances or requirments of the situation


  3. external noisefactors inside the brainthat interfere with the communication process


  4. externaliztionthe attribution of an event or occourance to causes outside the self


  5. encroachmentsactions that advance beyond the usual or proper limits


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