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Chapter 7 Psychology Test

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  1. hypnosis
  2. alpha waves
  3. hidden observer
  4. withdrawal
  5. stimulants
  1. a the discomfort and distress that follow discontinuing the use of an addictive drug
  2. b Hilgard's term describing a hypnotized subject's awareness of experiences, such as pain, that go unreported during hypnosis
  3. c a social interaction in which one person suggests to another (the subject) that certain perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors will spontaneously occur
  4. d drugs (such as caffeine, nicotine, and the more powerful amphetamines and cocaine) that excite neural activity and speed up body functions
  5. e the relatively slow brain waves of a relaxed, awake state

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  1. an altered state of consciousness reported after a close brush with death (such as through cardiac arrest); often similar to drug-induced hallucinogens
  2. the large, slow brain waves associated with deep sleep
  3. a chemical substance that alters perceptions and mood
  4. rapid eye movement sleep, a recurring sleep stage during which vivid dreams commonly occur. also known as paradoxical sleep because the muscles are relaxed (except for minor twitched) but other body systems are active
  5. the presumption that mind and body are two distinct entities that interact

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  1. THCa powerful hallucinogenic drug; also known as acid


  2. posthypnotic suggestionsupposed inability to recall what one experienced during hypnosis; induced by the hypnotist's suggestion


  3. latent contentaccording to Freud, the underlying meaning of a dream (as distinct from its manifest content). Freud believed that this functions as a safety valve.


  4. psychological dependencea physiological need for a drug, marked by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when the drug is discontinued


  5. narcolepsya sleep disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks. The sufferer may lapse directly into REM sleep, often at inopportune times


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