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  1. Derived Character
  2. fossil record
  3. vestigal structures
  4. variation
  5. Adaptive Radiation
  1. a homologous charachter that untitesorganisms into a group.
  2. b remenants of structures that may have had important functions in an ancestoral species, but have no clear function in some of the modern descendants.
  3. c differences among members of the same species.
  4. d evolution from a common ancestor of many species adapted to diverse enviroments
  5. e chronological collection of lifes remains in sedimentary rock layers

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  1. the process by which individuals with inherited characteristics well-suited to the environment leave more offspring on average than do other animals..this causes the organisms to adapt to the developed environments around them
  2. 2 part latin name for species
  3. consists of all the alleles in all the individuals that make up a population
  4. medicines that kill or slow the growth of bacteria
  5. type of phylogenic tree that suggests ancestral relationships amoung species constructed from 2 way branch points.

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  1. Phylogenetic TreeBranching diagram, suggesting evolutionary relationships


  2. Biological Species ConceptEarths history diviedinto 3 periods


  3. Reproductive IsolationSeparation of populationsas a result of geographic change or migration to geographically isolated places


  4. Convergent Evolutionprocess in which unrelated species from simmilar enviroments have simillar adaptations


  5. MacroevolutionMajor biological changes


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