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Biology: Exploring Life ch 14-15 vocab Test

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  1. Geologic Time Scale
  2. Binomial
  3. genetic drift
  4. variation
  5. Geographic Isolation
  1. a differences among members of the same species.
  2. b Separation of populationsas a result of geographic change or migration to geographically isolated places
  3. c change in gene pool of population due to chance
  4. d 2 part latin name for species
  5. e Earths history diviedinto 3 periods

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  1. process in which unrelated species from simmilar enviroments have simillar adaptations
  2. Condition in which a reproductive barrier keeps two species from interbreeding
  3. Major biological changes
  4. medicines that kill or slow the growth of bacteria
  5. type of phylogenic tree that suggests ancestral relationships amoung species constructed from 2 way branch points.

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  1. Analogous Structuressimilar structure in different species that share a common ancestor


  2. Adaptive Radiationdifferences among members of the same species.


  3. fitnesscontibution that an individual makes to the gene pool of the next generation


  4. Phylogenetic Treechange in gene pool of population due to chance


  5. Punctuated Equilibriumevotionarymodel in which speciesoften diverge in spurts of relitively rapid change, followed by long periods of little change.


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