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  1. pH scale
  2. polymer
  3. atoms
  4. RNA ribonucleic acid
  5. unsaturated fatty acid
  1. a contain the sugar ribose, has bases of adenine, guanine, uracil, and cytosine, single stranded
  2. b small particles in elements
  3. c is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units.
  4. d have double bonds between carbon atoms wherever the number of hydrogen is less than two per carbon atom
  5. e is used to indicate the acidity or basicity of solutions

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  1. have no double covalent bonds between carbon atoms
  2. a particular cluster of atoms that always behaves in a certain way
  3. substances that either take up hydrogen ions(H+) or release hydroxide ions (OH-)
  4. subatomic particle with a negative charge
  5. a substance that causes fats to mix with water.

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  1. glucosea hexose, blood sugar


  2. acidcontain more energy per gram than other biological molecules and fats and oils function as energy storage molecules on organisms


  3. isotopessubatomic particles that are positivly charged


  4. elements5 carbon sugar


  5. hydrolysis reactioncomponents of water are added to degrade polymers


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