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  1. hydrophillic
  2. cellulose
  3. ion
  4. molecule
  5. saturated fatty acid
  1. a have no double covalent bonds between carbon atoms
  2. b charged particles
  3. c is formed when 2 or more atoms bond together
  4. d attracted to water
  5. e polysaccharide found in plant cell walls, and accounts for the strong nature of cell walls

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  1. dissolved substances in a solution
  2. is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units.
  3. a hydrocarbon chain that ends with the acids group COOH
  4. a substance that causes fats to mix with water.
  5. subatomic particles that are negativly charged

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  1. disaccharideif the number of carbon atoms in a molecule is low then a carbohydrate is a simple sugar


  2. adeninea base of DNA must be paired with thymine


  3. isotopesatoms of the same element that differ in the number of neutrons


  4. bufferrefers to anything that takes up space and has mass.


  5. enzymenecessary contributors to the chemical workings of a cell, they speed up chemical reactions


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