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  1. an Italian explorer, who sailed to North America in 1492
  2. a friend who will help in a fight
  3. Spanish conquistador, sent to conquer Mexico
  4. Caribbean island where the Spanish first brought enslaved Africans to North America
  5. Spanish explorer in search of gold in North America; In 1540 he became the first European to reach the Mississippi River
  1. a ally
  2. b Hernando de Soto
  3. c Christopher Columbes
  4. d Hernando Cortes
  5. e Hispaniola

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  1. mission
  2. conquest
  3. expedition
  4. colonist
  5. conquistadors

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  1. chain of islands off of the southeast coast of North America; where Columbus landedChristopher Columbes


  2. was the capital of New Spain; is now the capital of MexicoHernando Cortes


  3. the name Americas, comes from this explorers name; in 1502 called the Americas the "new world";Christopher Columbes


  4. Aztec city attacked by Spanish conquistadorsHernando Cortes


  5. the movement of people, animals, plants, diseases, and ways of life between the Eastern and Western HemispheresAmerigo Vespucci


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