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  1. Spanish conquistador, sent to conquer Mexico
  2. a person who lives in a colony
  3. a journey made for a special purpose
  4. Spanish explorer in search of gold in North America; In 1540 he became the first European to reach the Mississippi River
  5. colony established in North America by Spain in 1535
  1. a expedition
  2. b colonist
  3. c New Spain
  4. d Hernando Cortes
  5. e Hernando de Soto

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  1. mission
  2. Amerigo Vespucci
  3. Hispaniola
  4. Mexico City
  5. missionary

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  1. to change religionsconquistadors


  2. the movement of people, animals, plants, diseases, and ways of life between the Eastern and Western HemispheresColumbian exchange


  3. conquerers of other landsconvert


  4. priest who spoke out against the mistreatment of native peoples under the care of the churchMexico City


  5. a settlement far from the country that rules itally


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