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  1. endosteum
  2. radius
  3. epiphysis
  4. ilium
  5. phalanges of the fingers
  1. a the bone of the forearm (lower arm) that is in line with the thumb
  2. b a thin layer of connective tissue that lines the marrow cavity
  3. c the end of a long bone
  4. d the upper, wing-shaped bone of the pelvic girdle
  5. e the small, narrow bones of the fingers

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  1. four vertebrae that fuse in early childhood into a single bone that forms the dorsal wall of the pelvis
  2. a division of the skeleton that includes the bones of the appendages and pectoral pelvic girdles
  3. part of the skull, two bones at the top of the head
  4. 12 vertebrae of the thorax, numbered T1 to T12; each one articulates with a pair of ribs
  5. bending of the sole of the foot by curling the toes downward toward the ground

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  1. vertebral columnthe spinal column; 31 vertebrae in a linear formation


  2. eversionturning a body part outward


  3. fibulathe smaller of the two bones of the lower leg


  4. metacarpalsthe small bones of the wrist


  5. periosteuma thin layer of fibrous connective tissue that forms the outermost layer of a bone


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