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Chapter 5 ~ The Skeletal and Muscular Systems Test

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  1. metatarsus or metatarsal bones
  2. diaphysis
  3. fibula
  4. cervical vertebrae
  5. eversion
  1. a the long, narrow shaft portion of long bones
  2. b turning a body part outward
  3. c the bones of the foot
  4. d the first seven bones of the vertebral column, numbered C1 to C7 from superior to inferior
  5. e the smaller of the two bones of the lower leg

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  1. a cartilaginous joint that is the point of fusion for two pubic bones
  2. bending of the sole of the foot by curling the toes downward toward the ground
  3. a bone cell that is mobile and secretes bone matrix
  4. the end of a long bone
  5. the bone that forms the kneecap

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  1. circumductionturning the distal end of a bone in a circle


  2. cartilaginous jointa joint where the material between bones consists of fibrous connective tissue that allows very little or no movement between them


  3. endosteuma thin layer of connective tissue that lines the marrow cavity


  4. iliumthe inferior bone of the pelvic girdle


  5. sternumfour vertebrae that fuse in early childhood into a single bone that forms the dorsal wall of the pelvis


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