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  1. ilium
  2. circumduction
  3. cervical vertebrae
  4. synovial joint
  5. pubis
  1. a the first seven bones of the vertebral column, numbered C1 to C7 from superior to inferior
  2. b turning the distal end of a bone in a circle
  3. c a joint that contains synovial fluid within a sac of connective tissue, allowing for the most movement between bones relative to fibrous joints and cartilaginous joints
  4. d the upper, wing-shaped bone of the pelvic girdle
  5. e the anterior part of the pelvic girdle

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  1. the breastplate
  2. a bone cell that is stationary, locked within bone matrix
  3. movement away from the body midline
  4. the small, narrow bones of the toes
  5. the bone of the forearm (lower arm) that is in line with the thumb

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  1. metacarpalsthe small bones of the wrist


  2. femurthe bone of the upper leg or thigh


  3. aponeurosisa flattened tendon; it functions as a fascia that joins muscles together or joins muscle to bone


  4. carpalsthe small, narrow bones of the hand


  5. tarsus or tarsal bonesthe bones of the ankle


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