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Chapter 5 ~ The Skeletal and Muscular Systems Test

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  1. endosteum
  2. osteoclast
  3. epiphysis
  4. femur
  5. cranium
  1. a the bone of the upper leg or thigh
  2. b a thin layer of connective tissue that lines the marrow cavity
  3. c the end of a long bone
  4. d part of the skull, the bones that surround the brain
  5. e a bone cell that dissolves bone matrix

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  1. the inferior bone of the pelvic girdle
  2. a division of the skeleton that includes the bones of the appendages and pectoral pelvic girdles
  3. bending the foot or toes upward
  4. the fluid produced by the synovial membrane, which provides lubrication and a shock-absorbing cushion in synovial joints
  5. increasing the angle between bones (straightening a joint, stretching out a tendon)

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  1. intervertebral discthe spinal column; 31 vertebrae in a linear formation


  2. thoracic vertebrae12 vertebrae of the thorax, numbered T1 to T12; each one articulates with a pair of ribs


  3. patellathe smaller of the two bones of the lower leg


  4. cartilaginous jointa joint where the material between bones consists of fibrous connective tissue that allows very little or no movement between them


  5. vertebral columnpart of the skull, two bones at the top of the head


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