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  1. plantar flexion
  2. abduction
  3. phalanges of the fingers
  4. axial skeleton
  5. carpals
  1. a movement away from the body midline
  2. b a division of the skeleton that includes the bones that are located along or near the central vertical axis of the body; it includes the bones of the skull, vertebral column, and the bones of the thoracic cage
  3. c the small, narrow bones of the fingers
  4. d the small bones of the wrist
  5. e bending of the sole of the foot by curling the toes downward toward the ground

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  1. the breastplate
  2. the long, narrow shaft portion of long bones
  3. the bone of the upper leg or thigh
  4. the end of a long bone
  5. a tough, fibrous connective tissue

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  1. bursaa small fluid-filled sac in the shoulder, elbow, and knee joints that provide a cushioning effect during movement


  2. parietal bonespart of the skull, two bones at the top of the head


  3. aponeurosisthe end of a long bone


  4. inversionturning a body part outward


  5. iliumthe inferior bone of the pelvic girdle


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