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  1. fascia
  2. osteoclast
  3. adduction
  4. plantar flexion
  5. phalanges of the toes
  1. a the small, narrow bones of the toes
  2. b a bone cell that dissolves bone matrix
  3. c movement toward the body midline
  4. d a tough, fibrous connective tissue
  5. e bending of the sole of the foot by curling the toes downward toward the ground

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  1. the small bones of the wrist
  2. the spinal column; 31 vertebrae in a linear formation
  3. a cartilaginous joint that is the point of fusion for two pubic bones
  4. four vertebrae that fuse in early childhood into a single bone that forms the dorsal wall of the pelvis
  5. turning a body part inward

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  1. fibrous jointa joint that contains synovial fluid within a sac of connective tissue, allowing for the most movement between bones relative to fibrous joints and cartilaginous joints


  2. intervertebral discfibrocartilaginous disc located between vertebrae


  3. dorsiflexionbending the foot or toes upward


  4. bursaa small fluid-filled sac in the shoulder, elbow, and knee joints that provide a cushioning effect during movement


  5. cartilaginous jointa joint where the material between bones consists of cartilage that allows some movement between bones


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