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  1. synovial fluid
  2. cartilaginous joint
  3. metatarsus or metatarsal bones
  4. radius
  5. patella
  1. a the bone that forms the kneecap
  2. b the bone of the forearm (lower arm) that is in line with the thumb
  3. c the bones of the foot
  4. d a joint where the material between bones consists of cartilage that allows some movement between bones
  5. e the fluid produced by the synovial membrane, which provides lubrication and a shock-absorbing cushion in synovial joints

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  1. the long, narrow shaft portion of long bones
  2. the inferior bone of the pelvic girdle
  3. turning a body part inward
  4. part of the skull, two bones at the top of the head
  5. the smaller of the two bones of the lower leg

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  1. skeletal musclethe muscle tissue that forms the muscles attached to bones


  2. carpalsthe small bones of the wrist


  3. intervertebral discthe spinal column; 31 vertebrae in a linear formation


  4. symphysis pubisthe long, narrow shaft portion of long bones


  5. metacarpalsthe small, narrow bones of the hand


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