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  1. tu nettoies
  2. On va en ville
  3. Ils nettoient
  4. Je vais rester à la maison
  5. ranger
  1. a to pick up or put away
  2. b you clean (fam.)
  3. c they clean
  4. d we're going to town
  5. e I'm going to stay at home

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  1. I'm going to take a sunbath
  2. "we" clean (one cleans)
  3. to see a movie
  4. to go into stores
  5. to attend

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  1. nettoyer le garageto meet up with some friends


  2. faire des coursesto go food shopping


  3. vous nettoyezyou (formal, pl.) clean


  4. bronzerto pick up or put away


  5. faire des achatsto go food shopping


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