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  1. On nettoie
  2. vous nettoyez
  3. the "nous" and the "vous" form of verbs with a "y" in the middle do not change to this letter
  4. nous nettoyons
  5. faire des achats
  1. a "we" clean (one cleans)
  2. b we clean
  3. c you (formal, pl.) clean
  4. d i
  5. e to go shopping

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  1. to clean the garage
  2. I'm going to attend a soccer match
  3. you clean (fam.)
  4. to wash the car
  5. I'm going to help my parents

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  1. bronzerto tan


  2. assister àto attend


  3. aller+infinitiveto wash the car


  4. je nettoiehe cleans


  5. Je vais assister à un concertI'm going to attend a concert


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