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  1. faire des courses
  2. ranger mes affaires
  3. Ils nettoient
  4. the "nous" and the "vous" form of verbs with a "y" in the middle do not change to this letter
  5. Je vais assister à un match de foot
  1. a they clean
  2. b to go food shopping
  3. c to put away my things
  4. d I'm going to attend a soccer match
  5. e i

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  1. to put away ones things
  2. he cleans
  3. to go do something (future)
  4. to go shopping
  5. I'm going to attend a concert

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  1. je nettoiehe cleans


  2. retrouver des amisto meet up with some friends


  3. assister àto pick up or put away


  4. Je vais prendre un bain de soleilI'm going to stay at home


  5. Je vais rester à la maisonI'm going to attend a concert


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