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  1. ranger
  2. retrouver des amis
  3. assister à
  4. laver la voiture
  5. ranger ses affaires
  1. a to put away ones things
  2. b to meet up with some friends
  3. c to wash the car
  4. d to attend
  5. e to pick up or put away

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  1. I'm going to swim
  2. they clean
  3. I'm going to take a sunbath
  4. to go food shopping
  5. he cleans

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  1. voir un filmwe're going to town


  2. On nettoiehe cleans


  3. aller dans les magasinsto put away ones things


  4. nous nettoyonswe clean


  5. vous nettoyezyou (formal, pl.) clean


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