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Soil Horizons CSU Barbarick Test

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  1. n
  2. paleosol
  3. w
  4. Carbon
  5. Alluvium, Outwash
  1. a CO2, cell wall component, carbohydrates
  2. b A soil formed on a landscape in the past with distinctive morphological features resulting from a soil-forming environment that no longer exists at the site
  3. c Moved by Flowing H2O
  4. d Na+ accumulation, B or C in arid soils
  5. e Weak clay accumulation, B

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  1. slickensides, shiny clay planes
  2. Gleying: Bluish color, very wet B and C horizons
  3. Plinthite accumulation, very dense layer of oxides in tropical areas
  4. H2PO4-, HPO42-, Nucleic acids, ATP, ADP
  5. the downward movement of clay and humus in suspension or solution from a layer or layers of soil

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  1. Oorganic horizon in various stages of decomposition >20% organic


  2. joccurs in highly weathered tropical soils, with residual accumulation of sesquioxides


  3. OceanMarine


  4. Windslightly decomposed only with O


  5. ATop Mineral layer where organic matter accumulates 0-20% organic matter


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