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  1. soil productivity
  2. Colluvium
  3. R
  4. Alluvium, Outwash
  5. o
  1. a Moved by gravity
  2. b occurs in highly weathered tropical soils, with residual accumulation of sesquioxides
  3. c Consolidated Rock
  4. d the capacity of a soil for producing a specified plant under a specified system of management.
  5. e Moved by Flowing H2O

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  1. nutrient absorbtion through root extension
  2. mg2+, central part of chlorophyll
  3. the status of soil with respect to the amount and availability to plants of elements to the growth of plants
  4. Humus, only B
  5. jarosite, a pale yellow mineral

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  1. OceanNa+ accumulation, B or C in arid soils


  2. ssslickensides, shiny clay planes


  3. illuviationthe accumulation of clay and humus in a particular horizon


  4. nNa+ accumulation, B or C in arid soils


  5. mPlinthite accumulation, very dense layer of oxides in tropical areas


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