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  1. p
  2. k
  3. d
  4. j
  5. edaphology
  1. a jarosite, a pale yellow mineral
  2. b plowed, A
  3. c Calcium Carbonate accumulation, B or C
  4. d Physical root restriction: naturally occurring or man-made unconsolidated material, very compacted layers
  5. e the study of soils as media for plant growth

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  1. Na+ accumulation, B or C in arid soils
  2. loss of electrons
  3. addition of H2O molecule
  4. metal ion that fits in a particular location of an enzyme to complete a metabolic or reproductive process
  5. Plinthite accumulation, very dense layer of oxides in tropical areas

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  1. rNa+ accumulation, B or C in arid soils


  2. In Place (non-transported)Residual


  3. calciumCa2+, Cell wall component, pectate


  4. eHumus, only B


  5. Diffusionloss of electrons


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