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  1. oxidation
  2. edaphology
  3. soil profile
  4. In Place (non-transported)
  5. f
  1. a a vertical section of soil through all of its horizons and extending into parent material
  2. b loss of electrons
  3. c Frozen soil
  4. d Residual
  5. e the study of soils as media for plant growth

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  1. a combination of all management and land-use methods that safeguard the soil against deterioration by natural or man-induced factors
  2. Parent Material (unconsolidated)
  3. Eluviation
  4. Ca2+, Cell wall component, pectate
  5. NO3-, NH4+, Proteins, amino acids

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  1. Bhighly decomposed, only with O Horizon


  2. yPhysical root restriction: naturally occurring or man-made unconsolidated material, very compacted layers


  3. ahighly decomposed, only with O Horizon


  4. CarbonCO2, cell wall component, carbohydrates


  5. Rcementation C horizon


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