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  1. e
  2. ss
  3. illuviation
  4. edaphology
  5. Phosphorus
  1. a H2PO4-, HPO42-, Nucleic acids, ATP, ADP
  2. b the accumulation of clay and humus in a particular horizon
  3. c Intermediately decomposed only with O
  4. d slickensides, shiny clay planes
  5. e the study of soils as media for plant growth

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  1. the downward movement of clay and humus in suspension or solution from a layer or layers of soil
  2. O2, H2O, CO2 carbohydrates
  3. cryoturbation (frost churning)
  4. Moved by Ice
  5. slightly decomposed only with O

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  1. Billuviation


  2. HydrogenH2O, Carbohydrates


  3. ATop Mineral layer where organic matter accumulates 0-20% organic matter


  4. Diffusionmovement of nutrients from high to low concentration


  5. CParent Material (unconsolidated)


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