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  1. b
  2. v
  3. r
  4. w
  5. jj
  1. a Plinthite accumulation, very dense layer of oxides in tropical areas
  2. b Weak clay accumulation, B
  3. c Weathered bedrock, C
  4. d buried layer
  5. e cryoturbation (frost churning)

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  1. H2PO4-, HPO42-, Nucleic acids, ATP, ADP
  2. Residual
  3. Humus, only B
  4. concretions: dense mass of secondary minerals in a horizon; B or C
  5. gain of electrons

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  1. iPhysical root restriction: naturally occurring or man-made unconsolidated material, very compacted layers


  2. Mass Flow (convection)a combination of all management and land-use methods that safeguard the soil against deterioration by natural or man-induced factors


  3. gFrozen soil


  4. Rslightly decomposed only with O


  5. CarbonationCO2, cell wall component, carbohydrates


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