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  1. edaphology
  2. oxidation
  3. r
  4. t
  5. y
  1. a gypsum, B or C arid areas
  2. b loss of electrons
  3. c the study of soils as media for plant growth
  4. d texture change: clay accumulation in the B horizon
  5. e Weathered bedrock, C

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  1. illuviation
  2. accumulation of soluble salts, B or C arid soils
  3. metal ion that fits in a particular location of an enzyme to complete a metabolic or reproductive process
  4. a vertical section of soil through all of its horizons and extending into parent material
  5. concretions: dense mass of secondary minerals in a horizon; B or C

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  1. HydrolysisH2O, Carbohydrates


  2. Root interceptionnutrient absorbtion through root extension


  3. pedologythe study of soils as natural entities


  4. Lacustrinegain of electrons


  5. Glacial TillMoved by Ice


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