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  1. R
  2. j
  3. d
  4. soil tessera
  5. humus
  1. a Consolidated Rock
  2. b jarosite, a pale yellow mineral
  3. c mostly stable fraction of soil organic matter remaining after the major portion of plant and animal residues have decomposed
  4. d a three-dimensional vertical soil prism
  5. e Physical root restriction: naturally occurring or man-made unconsolidated material, very compacted layers

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  1. Residual
  2. H2O, Carbohydrates
  3. mg2+, central part of chlorophyll
  4. O2, H2O, CO2 carbohydrates
  5. texture change: clay accumulation in the B horizon

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  1. Glacial TillMoved by Ice


  2. WindTephra, Loess, Aeolian


  3. Hydrationaddition of H2O molecule


  4. gGleying: Bluish color, very wet B and C horizons


  5. Mass Flow (convection)movement of nutrients with the total solution


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