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  1. discern
  2. spontaneous
  3. recalcitrant
  4. chaos
  5. chastise
  1. a (v.) to inflict physical punishment as a means of correction; to scold severely.
  2. b to see clearly, recognize
  3. c great confusion, disorder
  4. d (adj.) arising naturally; not planned or engineered in advance.
  5. e stubbornly disobedient, resisting authority

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  1. to anticipate and prevent; to remove, dispose of
  2. roomy, spacious
  3. eating every kind of food ; eagerly taking in everything, having a wide variety of taste
  4. out of date, no longer in use
  5. disorderly, riotous, violent; stormy

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  1. interto take pleasure in ; a wild celebration


  2. reprisalan injury done for injury


  3. revelto take pleasure in ; a wild celebration


  4. renegadeto ridicule, to laugh at with content


  5. buffetto take pleasure in ; a wild celebration


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