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  1. Ferrous Sulfate
  2. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
  3. Iron
  4. Increased
  5. High Bioavailability
  1. a Decreases absorption ; Calcium and Coffee/Tea. ?
  2. b ________ Urinary excretion of Calcium, Caffeine is increased past 300 mg/DL. SODIUM 3000
  3. c Magnesium Chloride (Slo-mag) and Magnesium Lactate (mag-Tab SR)
  4. d Used for the prevention of neural tube defects, reduces the side effects of LOW DOSE MTX
  5. e 20% elemental Iron

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  1. estimation, no clear requirement for a population as a whole
  2. Type of zinc that has 23% of elemental zinc (s____)
  3. ? Vitamin C is not readily absorbed across the intestinal mucosa. Aids IN IRON ABSORPTION
  4. Calcium Citrate is ? percent calcium. Acid-independent
  5. MG++ can serve as an ____ _______. Cause frequent bathroom trips

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  1. IronAdverse effect Constipation and GI Upset


  2. CalciumLycopene in the Heat Processsing of raw foods is in the ? form.


  3. Vitamin B12 (cyancobalamin)Deficiency, in the Elderly, STRICT Vegetarians, Pregnancy, HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA, Hemorrhage, Malignancy, Hepatic Disease, RENAL Disease


  4. Ergocalciferol50,000 IU a day, also known as vitamin D2. Is LESS THAN ONE THIRD potent as the D3 derivative


  5. Vitamin CDietary intake of ? does not decrease the risk of getting a cold. May reduce symptoms by 1-1.5 days. Possible dose dependent


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