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  1. AI (adequate intake)
  2. 40
  3. Cis
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Vitamin E
  1. a Used when RDA cannot be determined (based on observational and experimental studies)
  2. b Lycopene in the Heat Processsing of raw foods is in the ? form.
  3. c what percentage of Calcium Carbonate is elemental calcium? Absorption is Acid-Dependent
  4. d Used for calcium absorption, fall prevention, depression, and strengthening of muscle. 0-12 months 400 IU a day (Assuming NOT formula fed)
  5. e d-alpha tocopherol, is the natural isoform (0.67 IU)

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  1. Lowers cholesterol, decreases Triglycerides and Increases HDL.
  2. Deficiency, in the Elderly, STRICT Vegetarians, Pregnancy, HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA, Hemorrhage, Malignancy, Hepatic Disease, RENAL Disease
  3. 20% elemental Iron
  4. Niacin Doses of ___ __s LEADS TO FLUSHING, HEADACHES, and ITCHING. therapeutic levels are 1-3 grams
  5. estimation, no clear requirement for a population as a whole

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  1. Cadmiumexcessive long term exposure can lead to kidney dysfunction. Zinc Gluconate


  2. Niacinamide (nicotinamide)85% niacin, may help reduce cholesterol, may cause LESS flushing than niacin. Less side effects than niacin, peaks at about 10 hours and has a slower therapeutic effect


  3. Ferrous Fumarate20% elemental Iron


  4. oxidized? Vitamin C is not readily absorbed across the intestinal mucosa. Aids IN IRON ABSORPTION


  5. High BioavailabilityFolic acid can mask the effects of P_____ A____ and may result in neurological damage.


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