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  1. Ferrous Sulfate
  2. Iron
  3. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  4. oxidized
  5. Vitamin D
  1. a ? Vitamin C is not readily absorbed across the intestinal mucosa. Aids IN IRON ABSORPTION
  2. b Adverse effect Constipation and GI Upset
  3. c 20% elemental Iron
  4. d Used for calcium absorption, fall prevention, depression, and strengthening of muscle. 0-12 months 400 IU a day (Assuming NOT formula fed)
  5. e Used for Pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting. use 10-25 mg TID or QD. Less than 100 mg is safe

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  1. Functions as Antioxidant, Blue Light Filter, Protects Eyes from Photodamage
  2. 33% elemental Iron
  3. 14.3% elemental zinc g_______. Recommended for chronic use due to cadmium od
  4. Studies found no effect of _ ____s of vitamin C on the alleviation of cold symptoms, but found it just increased side effects
  5. Avoid Vitamin ? if you are taking retinoid supplements and excessive ? ? can cause LIVER Damage

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  1. TransLycopene is in the ? form. FOUND IN FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES


  2. Osmotic diureticMG++ can serve as an ____ _______. Cause frequent bathroom trips


  3. b1also known as THIAMINE, deficiency is associated with Alcoholism, A___xia, Crohns disease, F___ deficiency, Kidney Dialysis, and Loop Diuretics.


  4. CadmiumMagnesium is often in combo with ? 2:1 ratio or 3:1 (3:1 never found to be superior)


  5. Folic AcidLowers cholesterol, decreases Triglycerides and Increases HDL.


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