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  1. Selenium
  2. 1000
  3. 75-90 mg
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Vitamin A
  1. a The RDA of Vitamin c is __-__. with an upper limit of 2 GRAMS
  2. b the RDA for Men 51-70 year olds for Calcium
  3. c Mg++ can cause ?. Often used for constipation and to prevent preclampsia in preggos.
  4. d Used in the synthesis and metabolism of thyroid hormones. Content in diet depends on amount in the soil. US, JAPAN, CANADA, and NORWAY have good amounts. Dietary is SUPERIOR to supplements
  5. e Avoid Vitamin ? if you are taking retinoid supplements and excessive ? ? can cause LIVER Damage

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  1. Decreases absorption ; Calcium and Coffee/Tea. ?
  2. d-alpha tocopherol, is the natural isoform (0.67 IU)
  3. 85% niacin, may help reduce cholesterol, may cause LESS flushing than niacin. Less side effects than niacin, peaks at about 10 hours and has a slower therapeutic effect
  4. Lowers cholesterol, decreases Triglycerides and Increases HDL.
  5. ________ Urinary excretion of Calcium, Caffeine is increased past 300 mg/DL. SODIUM 3000

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  1. Vitamin EAssume All isomers contribute to toxicity, NON-HEALTHY PATIENTS SHOULD NOT TAKE MORE THAN 400 IU OF ? A DAY! INCREASED RISK OF MORTALITY


  2. 50 mgNiacin Doses of ___ __s LEADS TO FLUSHING, HEADACHES, and ITCHING. therapeutic levels are 1-3 grams


  3. 5000 IURetinol can cause BIRTH defects if taken by pregnant women even in modestly excessive doses. Recommend _____ (units?) of Vitamin A to pregnant women


  4. Pernicious AnemiaVitamin B9


  5. Ferrous FumarateType of zinc that has 23% of elemental zinc (s____)


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