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  1. Ribosomes
  2. Conjugated Proteins
  3. Lactose
  4. Maltose
  5. NAM
  1. a glucose and glucose; glucose is a bad sugar
  2. b N-acetyl muramic acid; important sugar acids in bacterial cell walls
  3. c proteins and RNA
  4. d glucose and galactose
  5. e amino acid with another component; glycoprotein; nucleoprotein; lipoprotein; phosphoprotein.

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  1. alters the topology of DNA molecules.
  2. nucleus, mitochondria, golgi bodies, chloroplasts
  3. contains only amino acids
  4. End-product allosterically inhibits the action of first enzyme in pathway. prevents cell from wasting resources.
  5. all hydrocarbons have CH2 units (bad for health); animals

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  1. Uncompetitive Inhibitionoccupy the active site


  2. Important Cofactorsm. wt. 10^3- 10^9; nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, polysaccharides. 4 most important to study.


  3. MacromoleculesUsually polymers; usually dehydration synthesis also called condensation rxn.


  4. Lipidsfats; long complex hydrocarbon chains; triglycerides, phospholipids in membranes, steroids like cholesterol; are non polar; function in energy storage and the structure of membranes; CH3(CH2)nCOOH n=14-22


  5. Supra Molecular Assembliesm. wt. = 10^6-10^9; ribosomes, enzyme complexes, contractile systems, microtubules.


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