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  1. Protein Properties
  2. NAM
  3. Conjugated Proteins
  4. Simple Lipids
  5. Topoisomerases
  1. a Allosteric proteins- dual affinity (hemoglobin); denaturation and re-naturation of proteins; enzymatic activity (catalysts)- apo enzyme and holo enzyme; lowering of activation energy; E+S <-> [ES]-> Product + Enzyme
  2. b Fats or triglycerides= glycerol plus one or more fatty acids.
  3. c N-acetyl muramic acid; important sugar acids in bacterial cell walls
  4. d amino acid with another component; glycoprotein; nucleoprotein; lipoprotein; phosphoprotein.
  5. e alters the topology of DNA molecules.

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  1. CO2, H2O, NH3, N2, etc.
  2. m. wt. 100-350; nucleotides, amino acids, monosaccharides, fatty acids, glycerol
  3. nucleus, mitochondria, golgi bodies, chloroplasts
  4. one or more double bonds (mostly between 9 and 10); Plant and animals in cold climates.
  5. Usually polymers; usually dehydration synthesis also called condensation rxn.

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  1. RNAMostly single stranded; uracil in place of thymidine; mRNA; rRNA, tRNA


  2. Ketoseglucose and galactose


  3. Activation EnergyNeeded to disrupt electronic configurations; physiological temperature and pressure too low for most chemical reactions to take place. Enzymes serve to speed up reactions by lowering activation energy.


  4. DNAMostly single stranded; uracil in place of thymidine; mRNA; rRNA, tRNA


  5. ProteinsMade up of repeating units of amino acids (about 20 types); Subunits linked by peptide bonds forming polymers; Function: structural support, antibodies, contractile fibers, toxins, transport.


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