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  1. President Dwight D. Eisenhower
  2. Collective farms, Communes
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Yuan Shikai
  5. Chiang Kai - Shek
  1. a Ruled China 1928 to 1949. Goes to Taiwan in 1949 and is its president until his death in 1975)
  2. b Villages set up by Mao to modernize china through a whole community
  3. c - Leader of the first modernized army in China
  4. d promised to protect Taiwan in 1958)
  5. e Wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1849

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  1. Russian communist Politician
  2. Strict under Mao, no freedom of speech
  3. Mass movement of civilians, mostly students and other young people in the China who were mobilized by Mao Zedong in 1966 and 1967
  4. The Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution. Mao's effort to truly remake China into a pure communist state. Everything and everyone that was even remotely associated with the old ways (pre 1949) were potential victims. Traditional beliefs, customs, thinking and values were attacked. The persecution went even beyond that. Red Guard units began fighting Red Guard units, each side proclaiming that they were the TRUE followers of Mao. Many were killed and millions were sent to work in harsh conditions in the countryside to be "reeducated". A good overview -
  5. his visit to China in 1971

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  1. Lin Biaokey figure behind the start of the Cultural Revolution. Heir apparent to Mao. Died escaping China after it was found out that he was plotting to have Mao assassinated.


  2. President Richard Nixon- Visited China in 1972 to meet with Mao


  3. Liu ShaoqiChairman of the People's Republic of China from 1959 to 1968 when Mao turned against him. He died in prison


  4. Zhou EnlaiLeader of China since 2003)


  5. Jiang QingMao Zedong's last wife, was in the gang of four


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