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  1. Lipotropins
  2. Luteinizing hormong (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
  3. Androgens
  4. Hormonal regulation soon after a meal
  5. Testes
  1. a Blood glucose levels, including amino acids and fatty acids, increase. Taken up into cells.. Parasympathetic stimulation and increasing blood glucose levels cause increased insulin secretion from pancreas. Nutrients move into cells.
  2. b Zona reticularis, Androstenedione and testosterone. Cause the development of male secondary sexual characteristics
  3. c Anterior Pituitary. Both hormones regulate production of gametes and reproductive hormones. Testosterone in males. Estrogen and progesterone in females. GnRH from hypothalamus stimulates their secretion
  4. d Males, from Gonads, Testosterone- regulates production of sperm cells and function of male reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics. Inhibin- inhibits FSH secretion
  5. e Anterior Pituitary. Cause fat breakdown and release of fatty acids into circulatory system

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  1. Hormone like substance known to stimulate T lymphocyte production
  2. Anterior Pituitary. Also called Thyrotropin. Causes release of thyroid hormones from thyroid gland. Controlled by TRH from hypothalamus and thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland
  3. Anterior Pituitary. Also called Adrenocorticotropin. Stimulates the secretion of hormones from adrenal cortex.
  4. Secreted by Delta cells. Inhibits both beta and alpha cells
  5. Female, from Gonads, Estrogen and Progesterone- uterine and mammary gland development and function, genitalia structure, sex characteristics, menstrual cycle. Inhibin- inhibits FSH secretion. Relaxin- increases flexibility of symphysis pubis and dilation of the cervix

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  1. OxytocinPosterior Pitutitary. Associated with pregnancy and birth. Promotes uterine contractions during delivery. Causes milk ejection in lactating women by stimulating smooth muscle-like cells associated with the alveoli of mammary glands. Also associated with the contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterus during menses and sexual intercourse. Stretch of the uterus, mechanical stimulation of the cervix, and stimulation of the breast nipples as in nursing stimulates oxytocin secretion. Not much is known about the effects of oxytocin in males


  2. Endocrine system functionsMineralocorticoids, Glucocorticoids, and Androgens


  3. Secreted by digestive tractStomach- Gastrin, Histamine. Duodenum- Secretin, Cholecystokinin


  4. Adrenal Medulla HormonesEpinephrine- (increases blood glucose levels, fat breakdown in adipose tissue releasing fatty acids into the blood) and norepinephrine. Both increase heart rate and force of contraction and cause blood vessels to constrict. Prepare individual for physical activity. Short half-life.


  5. Parathyroid glandsOne of largest endocrine glands. Composed to two lobes connected by isthmus. Highly vascular. Composed of follicles. Parafollicular cells secrete calcitonin which reduces calcium concentration in body fluids when levels elevated


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