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  1. epigram (n)
  2. Deportee (n)
  3. autobiography (n)
  4. portable (adj)
  5. obstruct (v)
  1. a To block or put obstacles in the way
  2. b an account of one's own life.
  3. c a short, witty poem; a witty, clever saying
  4. d someone who is sent out of the country.
  5. e capable of being carried

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  1. a written or typewritten copy
  2. providing a clear picture; vivid and realistic; written or drawn.
  3. something that is written or engraved, especially on a solid surface.
  4. To bring goods from a foreign country into a country for the purpose of selling.
  5. science dealing with the earth's surface and its features

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  1. calligraphy (n)beautiful, fancy writing


  2. construe (v)To explain, translate, or assume the meaning of something


  3. Monograph (n)science dealing with the earth's surface and its features


  4. export (v)to send out of the country (usually a person)


  5. structural (adj)helpful; useful


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