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  1. destructive (adj)
  2. import (v)
  3. construe (v)
  4. instrumental (adj)
  5. Monograph (n)
  1. a To bring goods from a foreign country into a country for the purpose of selling.
  2. b a book or article about a single subject
  3. c To explain, translate, or assume the meaning of something
  4. d helpful; useful
  5. e causing something to be destroyed or demolished

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  1. someone who is sent out of the country.
  2. an account of one's own life.
  3. to send out of the country (usually a person)
  4. to force into service or labor for government
  5. a written or typewritten copy

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  1. inscription (n)an order or direction; a doctor's instructions for the use of medicine


  2. epigram (n)a short, witty poem; a witty, clever saying


  3. calligraphy (n)science dealing with the earth's surface and its features


  4. geography (n)science dealing with the earth's surface and its features


  5. structural (adj)helpful; useful


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