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  1. first line manager
  2. organizing
  3. leader
  4. disturbance handler
  5. Top managers
  1. a motivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational goals
  2. b assign responsibility for task accomplishment
  3. c dealing with conflicts or crisis that need immediate action
  4. d functional head, supervisor
  5. e ceo, corporate or group head, vice president of administration

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  1. staff jobs, line jobs
  2. ability to adapt to change
  3. figurehead, leader, liaison
  4. monitor, dissemination, spokesperson
  5. entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator

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  1. disseminatorinfo role of scanning the environment for information


  2. resource allocatorshare info with other in department or throughout the company


  3. liaisonmotivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational goals


  4. leadinginspire and motivate employees


  5. effectivenessis getting work done with minimal effort


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