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  1. disseminator
  2. nonmanagers
  3. negotiator
  4. planning
  5. middle managers
  1. a business unit head, department manager
  2. b determine goals and ways to attain them
  3. c negotiate schedules, project goals, outcomes, resources, and employee raises
  4. d share info with other in department or throughout the company
  5. e staff jobs, line jobs

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  1. info role of scanning the environment for information
  2. sharing info outside the company
  3. entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator
  4. ceo, corporate or group head, vice president of administration
  5. figurehead, leader, liaison

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  1. conceptual skillsapply specialized approaches, techniques, and knowledge. Used more in lower management and progressively gets lower through the levels of management.


  2. resource allocatornegotiate schedules, project goals, outcomes, resources, and employee raises


  3. first line managerbusiness unit head, department manager


  4. efficiencyis accomplishing tasks that help fulfill the organizations goals


  5. leadinginspire and motivate employees


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