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  1. sutee
  2. Why did Buhddism become popular?
  3. Carma
  4. Taught by guru
  5. centrallized govenment
  1. a A sutee is when after her husbands funeral she commits suicide. This goes to show you how far love can go, even far enough that you commit suicide. Men and Woman must be deeeeeeeeply in love for the woman to kill herself because the man dies.
  2. b rulers govern from capital city
  3. c consequences on how a person lives their life
  4. d because it rejected caste system
  5. e upper claste boys

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  1. Aryans expert horse riders
  2. zero and algarithim
  3. a postal system and a centralized government
  4. enlightened one
  5. rejected violence and embraced Buhddism

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  1. Name to advances that whithout there wouldn't be any camputers and algarithim


  2. Whose expert horseman invaded India from the north?Aryans expert horse riders


  3. Veadsancient hyms and prayers


  4. Gupta religiondynasty made Hinduism their eficial religion


  5. Indus River Valleywhere India's first settlements were


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