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  1. Chandagupta Maura
  2. Budda means
  3. Whose expert horseman invaded India from the north?
  4. Asoka
  5. Veads
  1. a raja; conqured lands left by Alexander the Great
  2. b Aryans
  3. c enlightened one
  4. d rejected violence and embraced Buhddism
  5. e ancient hyms and prayers

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  1. zero and algarithim
  2. life is saccred
  3. Aryans expert horse riders
  4. upper claste boys
  5. zero and algarithim

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  1. What happens if a couple has no children?because it rejected caste system


  2. CarmaHindu god; creator of the world


  3. Indus River Valleywhere India's first settlements were


  4. suteegolden age of Indian culture


  5. Sanskritwriten language developed by the Aryans


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