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  1. luscious
  2. hindrance
  3. tantamount
  4. imminent
  5. macabre
  1. a ADJ extremely pleasing to the sense of taste
  2. b NOUN block; obstacle
  3. c ADJ equivalent in effect or value
  4. d ADJ likely to happen
  5. e ADJ grisly, gruesome; horrible, distressing

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  1. VERB to sharpen
  2. NOUN extreme exaggeration
  3. NOUN a bitter feud or quarrel; fight
  4. ADJ experienced at secondhand
  5. NOUN a long, angry speech

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  1. hubrisNOUN excessive pride


  2. temerityADJ moderately warm


  3. malevolentADJ wishing evil or harm to others


  4. torporNOUN a long, angry speech


  5. vestigeNOUN a trace or evidence of something that once existed


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