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  1. terse
  2. verbatim
  3. tepid
  4. tedious
  5. vex
  1. a ADJ using exactly the same words
  2. b ADJ moderately warm
  3. c ADJ long and tiresome; using or containing too many words
  4. d ADJ brief and to the point
  5. e VERB to annoy

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  1. ADJ wishing evil or harm to others
  2. ADJ kind, merciful
  3. ADJ experienced at secondhand
  4. ADJ equivalent in effect or value
  5. NOUN active strength; energy; enthusiasm

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  1. temerityNOUN recklessness; a foolish disregard of danger


  2. tiradeNOUN a long, angry speech


  3. hubrisNOUN excessive pride


  4. ludicrousADJ extremely pleasing to the sense of taste


  5. imminentADJ likely to happen


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