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is canine distemper an enveloped or non-enveloped virus?


transient fever of distemper reaches a peak how many days after infection?


about how many days after infection with distemper does the virus spread to the epithelial cells of most organs?


if a dog develops a strong immune reaction to distemper, are they able to completely clear the virus from the body and recover?

2-4 weeks

distemper localized in the CNS and causes acute demylination that eventually leads to death how long after infection?

2-3 months

distemper virus can be excreted for up to how long following infection?


what occurs on the skin of dogs with distemper?

enamel hypoplasia, nasodigital hyperkeratosis

2 signs seen in dog that survive subacute/subclinical distemper infections


how many days after infection with distemper would you expect to start to see paralysis, twitching, convulsions, and mouth chomping (neurologic signs)?

3 months

distemper specific IgM persists for about how long following infection?


are distemper IgG titers easy to use to look for distemper?


when examining CSF of a distemper dog, there will be increased protein, cells, and what kind of inclusion bodies?

modified live

what type of vaccine is the current recommendation for distemper in dogs?

6 weeks

at what age is the distemper series started?

3 days

how long does distemper survive for in the environment at room temperature?


how many days after infection will distemper start to be shed?


in order for immunofluorescence to correctly diagnose distemper, it has to be done within how many weeks of infection?


what drug is given to a dog with distemper to treat CNS edema?


roughly how long can parvovirus survive in the environment?

3 days

how many days following infection with parvovirus will the virus start to be shed?

7-10 days

once shedding of parvovirus has begun, how long will it shed for?


what fatal condition can occur in puppies that become infected with parvovirus and are under 8 weeks old and lack maternal antibodies?

dehydration, hypovolemic shock

due to the large fluid loss in a dog with parvovirus (vomiting/diarrhea), what 2 conditions do you need to be concerned with that can occur rapidly?


fecal ELISA antigen tests for parvovirus usually can't detect the virus until 5-7 days after clinical signs and is unable to detect the virus after how many days?

fluid therapy

what is the single most important aspect in the clinical management of a dog with parvovirus

hypokalemia, hypoglycemia

what 2 imbalance disorders are puppies with parvovirus prone to that need to be monitored for daily?

ondansetron, maropitant citrate, metoclopramide

3 anti-emetics that can be used in dogs with parvovirus

coliform septicemia

antibiotics can be given to parvoviral dogs when there is a risk of what happening?


what class of vaccine is the current one of choice to use for canine parvovirus?

neutropenia, lymphopenia

2 leukogram abnormalities in a parvoviral dog


normally you would give lactated ringers to a parvoviral dog, but if they also are hypoalbuminemic, what type of fluids should you give them instead?

clostridium perfringens, e. coli

what 2 organisms are common causes of sepsis associated with parvovirus?

penicillin, aminoglycosides

what antibiotic combo would you give to a dog with parvo?


other than amoxycillin and cephalosporins, what other antibiotic could you give to a parvoviral dog?

dehydration, renal disease

2 conditions where aminoglycosides are contraindicated

6-9 months

canine infectious hepatitis settles in the kidneys and is excreted in the urine for how long?

1 year

clinical signs of infectious canine hepatitis are usually only seen in dogs under what age?

blue eye

some dogs infected with infectious canine hepatitis can have virus-antibody complexes form in the anterior chamber of the eye, a condition known as what?


infectious canine hepatitis can cause increased clotting times due to what?


are most infectious canine hepatitis vaccines CAV-1 or CAV-2 modified live vaccines?


if there is an adequate anibody response to infectious canine hepatitis, after how many days will the virus be cleared from the blood and liver?


roughly how long will will infectious canine hepatitis survive at room temperature?


with infectious canine hepatitis there will be elevated ALT and ALP until day _____, during which they will start to decline

proteinuria, bilirubinuria

2 conditions seen during a urinalysis of a dog with infectious canine hepatitis

distemper, hepatitis, parvo, rabies

4 core vaccines (short common names)


is rabies an enveloped or non-enveloped virus?

4-10 days

after showing the initial signs of rabies will a dog or cat die?

3 months

at what age is the first rabies vaccination given?

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