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  1. Erosion
  2. biotic factor
  3. herbivores
  4. Surface water or ground water
  5. Decomposition
  1. a The liquid portion of water on Earth (lakes, streams, oceans)
  2. b animals that eat plants
  3. c chemical reaction causes sedimentation
  4. d the living (organism) aspects of a habitat.
  5. e recycles organic matter

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  1. evaporation of water from the leaves of plants.
  2. bacteria and fungi that cause decay also returns nutrients to the environment
  3. variety of organisms, their genetic difference and the ecosystems in which they occur.
  4. the physical, non-living aspects of a habitat, such as soil, water, climate, etc.
  5. all the populations of different species living in an area.

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  1. Respirationevaporation of water from the leaves of plants.


  2. Photosynthesisproducers use CO2 from air or water to build organic molecules that serve as food for consumers.


  3. result of energy transferamount of energy available decreases as it passes through an ecosystem.


  4. fourth trophic levelPRIMARY PRODUCERS occupied by plants, algae and some bacteria


  5. What percentage of energy is designated for feces (waste)?50%


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