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  1. omnivores
  2. biotic factor
  3. habitat
  4. biomass
  5. food chain
  1. a the living (organism) aspects of a habitat.
  2. b where a population lives.
  3. c carnivore converts 10% of the food it consumes
  4. d the path of energy through a single set of throphic levels.
  5. e eats both plants and animals

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  1. 17%
  2. cycled between abiotic and biotic
  3. amount of energy available decreases as it passes through an ecosystem.
  4. 50%
  5. captures light energy and makes energy-storing molecules (plants, algae, and some bacteria) AUTOTROPHIC

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  1. Water in living organismsASSIMILATION and TRANSPIRATION


  2. ecosystem inhabitantsthe community of organisms and the abiotic factors in its habitat


  3. What percentage of energy is designated for cellular respiration?50%


  4. first trophic levelPRIMARY PRODUCERS occupied by plants, algae and some bacteria


  5. What is the source of herbivores energy?The food they eat


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