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  1. layer eroded away, then new layers formed above
  2. gone forever; examples - dinosaurs, trilobites
  3. one element changes over time to another element; gives off energy; used to figure out how old rocks/fossils are
  4. older layers = lower; younger layers = upper
  5. evidence left by living thing long ago; examples - tracks, tunnels, turds, nests, etc.
  6. magma squeezed up from below; younger than layers it cuts through

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  1. relative agespecific age of rock or fossil; example - rock layer A is 25 myo


  2. absolute agecomparison; younger vs. older; not exact


  3. sedimentaryfossils usually found in this type of rock


  4. 4.6 billion years oldliving thing dies and body / parts slowly replaced by minerals; example - logs, bones, shells


  5. trilobitetime for half # of radioactive atoms to change (decay) into different type of atoms


  6. uniformitarianismgeology that happened in past, happens now, and will in future too; constant change in Earth; James Hutton idea


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