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soccer is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When someone shoots the ball into the net


illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck


Method of putting the ball back into play after it crosses the touch line (sideline).

Goalie (keeper)

the last player; protects the goal, prevents goals; only has privileges inside the penalty area/box. once outside the penalty area they are just like any other player on the field


the person who plays the position of forward on a soccer team


the person who helps out the forward and defense


(sports) the team that is trying to prevent the other team from scoring


the chief official who is expected to ensure fair play

Shin Guards

Soccer players should always wear these, to protect their legs


a close-fitting pullover shirt


a pair of shoes with cleats on the soles

Corner kick

a free kick from the corner awarded to the other side when a player has sent the ball behind his own goal line

Goal kick

when a team kicks a ball past the opposing teams end line that team gets a goal kick; ball is placed on right or left side of penalty box and then kicked


used to start the game, ball is kicked into play


To kick the soccer ball to the other side of the field


a piece of land prepared for playing a game


a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game

Goalie Box

the area in which the goalkeeper may use his/her hands

Bicycle Kick

The skill of kicking the ball over one's head in mid air when facing backwards.

Step over

When the player with the ball fakes a kick to one side


To keep the soccer ball in the air using feet, chest, head and knees


the act of enabling another player to make a good play

Soccer Ball

an inflated ball used in playing soccer


A stroke used to return a ball before it has bounced. It is usually made when a player is playing the net position in a forecut.

side line

long out of bounds line located at the sides of the court

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