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  1. chalk line
  2. plumb bob
  3. cold chisel
  4. ball peen hammer
  5. cable cutters
  1. a a string wound on a reel inside a case. chalk is held in the case and coats the string as it is pulled out. when the string is pulled tight and snapped against a surface it leaves a straight chalk mark. can also be used as a plumb bob
  2. b pointed weight which hangs from a string. gravity pulls the string taunt and plum. used for transferring overhead points to the floor and checking the plumb of boards and posts
  3. c used to cut metal when driven by a maul or the ball pein hammer
  4. d curved hardened jaws cut aircraft cable
  5. e used for striking metals, forging and peining bolts and rivets

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  1. useful for duplicating and transferring angles
  2. alcohol filled vials show when the tool is level and also plumb. available in several sizes usually two and four feet lengths
  3. closed toothed head fits completely over nut and provides the most secure grip
  4. jaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings
  5. flatter than a crow bar but has mostly the same functions

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  1. utility knife, (mat knife, x-acto knife)square nosed pliers with insulated handles and cutter jaws inside. useful for working with electrical wiring


  2. c clampc shaped metal frame with a threaded rod. useful for clamping metal or rough lumber


  3. fileflat tapered very hard piece of steel with ridges cut into its surface. used for smoothing metal


  4. crow barthin blade is held in tension by the frame like the coping saw, but the blade is thicker and the saw is longer. It is used for cutting metal


  5. needle nosed plierslong pointed jaws of these pliers are useful for grasping small objects in confined spaces


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