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  1. dykes or diagonal cutters
  2. bevel gauge or sliding t-bevel
  3. spirit level
  4. slip joint pliers
  5. needle nosed pliers
  1. a used to cut wire and pull staple and small nails
  2. b long pointed jaws of these pliers are useful for grasping small objects in confined spaces
  3. c alcohol filled vials show when the tool is level and also plumb. available in several sizes usually two and four feet lengths
  4. d common pliers with serrated jaws which have two jaw settings. useful for gripping small irregularly shaped objects
  5. e useful for duplicating and transferring angles

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  1. closed toothed head fits completely over nut and provides the most secure grip
  2. jaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings
  3. has a long metal tapered blade and is used either for cross cutting or ripping depending on the style of teeth. cuts on the push stroke and is best for making straight cuts
  4. metal blade with a handle on each end. used for shaving wood and general shaping. blade is pulled toward you and the blade whittles and shapes the wood
  5. large teeth and very narrow long blade. useful for rough cutting inside large surfaces, most often used for cutting holes in sheetrock

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  1. coping sawthe very thin blade is held in tension by the metal frame which keeps it from bending. very good for find detail and decorative curved cuts


  2. wood chiselflat blade tool with a bevel on one side and a handle on the other end. useful for cutting and paring wood. can be used by hand or tapped with a mallet or hammer


  3. self retracting hand tape measuresteel blade is formed into a shallow channel to allow it to stand out rigid. hook on end simplifies on person measurement and the lock allows it to hold its length. comes in lengths from 3' to 35'


  4. tack hammerused for driving nails. straight claws are good for prying boards apart. not for striking metal other than nails


  5. bullet levelsmall size spirit level, useful because it is easy to carry in a tool pouch, but not as accurate as a longer level


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