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  1. bar clamp
  2. open ended adjustable wrench (crescent or c-wrench)
  3. wood plane
  4. needle nosed pliers
  5. c clamp
  1. a c shaped metal frame with a threaded rod. useful for clamping metal or rough lumber
  2. b long clamp used for clamping wide objects
  3. c screw adjustment allows it to fit many sizes of fasteners but does not grip as securely as non adjustable wrenches
  4. d long pointed jaws of these pliers are useful for grasping small objects in confined spaces
  5. e used for smoothing wood surfaces and trimming the edges of boards and doors

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  1. a socket wrench head with a screw driver handle. used for turning small sized nuts and bolts
  2. flatter than a crow bar but has mostly the same functions
  3. large teeth and very narrow long blade. useful for rough cutting inside large surfaces, most often used for cutting holes in sheetrock
  4. the very thin blade is held in tension by the metal frame which keeps it from bending. very good for find detail and decorative curved cuts
  5. steel blade is formed into a shallow channel to allow it to stand out rigid. hook on end simplifies on person measurement and the lock allows it to hold its length. comes in lengths from 3' to 35'

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  1. plumb bobcurved claw on one end useful for pulling nails and spade point on the other end is used for levering boards apart


  2. cable cutterslong handles and hardened jaws allow this tool to cut bolts and rod steel including padlocks


  3. pipe wrenchjaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings


  4. 100' open reel tape measureuseful for long measurements, such as taping out ground plans on a stage


  5. framing squarea large square used for laying out large constructions. one end is 24 inches and the other is 16 inches long. can be used for marking right angle, and is very useful for laying out stair units


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