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  1. file
  2. open end wrench
  3. bar clamp
  4. cold chisel
  5. combination square
  1. a long clamp used for clamping wide objects
  2. b non adjustable wrench used for turning nuts and bolts
  3. c used to cut metal when driven by a maul or the ball pein hammer
  4. d can be used to make right angles, forty five degree angles, plumb posts etc. can also measure depths and mark continuous distances along and straight edge
  5. e flat tapered very hard piece of steel with ridges cut into its surface. used for smoothing metal

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  1. used to cut wire and pull staple and small nails
  2. screw adjustment allows it to fit many sizes of fasteners but does not grip as securely as non adjustable wrenches
  3. adjustable pliers with a wide range of openings. serrated jaws grip large irregular objects
  4. metal blade with a handle on each end. used for shaving wood and general shaping. blade is pulled toward you and the blade whittles and shapes the wood
  5. square nosed pliers with insulated handles and cutter jaws inside. useful for working with electrical wiring

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  1. bold cutterslong handles and hardened jaws allow this tool to cut bolts and rod steel including padlocks


  2. claw hammerused for driving nails. curved claws are very good for pulling nails. not for striking metal other than nails


  3. hack sawusually has finer teeth and is often used in a miter box for cutting angles. the thin blade is reinforced with a ridge of thicker metal along the back of the saw. it cannot cut deeper than the ridge


  4. trammel pointsa large square used for laying out large constructions. one end is 24 inches and the other is 16 inches long. can be used for marking right angle, and is very useful for laying out stair units


  5. ball peen hammerused for striking metals, forging and peining bolts and rivets


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