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  1. ejaculatory duct
  2. side effects of surgery
  3. radiation seed implants
  4. benefits of radiation
  5. seminiferous tubules
  1. a where the sperm produces (in the scrotal sac in the testes)
  2. b small pellets of radioactive material the size of rice grains inserted into the prostate
    -twice the dose of radiation treatments
  3. c small tube that connects the vas deferens to the prostatic urethra
  4. d less recovery time needed
    less likely to impair sexual function
  5. e incontinence and impotence

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  1. if the cells leave the prostate area and spread throughout the body- this is when it becomes deadly
  2. begins producing its fluid before ejaculation. the slightly alkaline fluid neutralizes the acid environment of the penile urethra and lubricates the penile urethra
  3. nourishment for sperm. produces fructose and prostaglandins.
  4. complete removal of prostate gland
    incision from naval to just above penis
  5. can impair sexual function
    hot sweats
    does not eliminate tumor cells, only slows their growth

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  1. impotencemost men eventually regain control of bladder function


  2. prostatic urethraTube that transports both urine and semen from the male body by way of the penis.


  3. testosterone is responsible fornourishment for sperm. produces fructose and prostaglandins.


  4. digital rectal examphysician feels for marble sized tumor- can detect in stage B


  5. penile urethraa common passageway for the urinary and reproductive system


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