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  1. seminiferous tubules
  2. nutrients for seminal vesicles
  3. PSA test- prostate specific antigen
  4. impotence
  5. nerve sparing prostatectomy
  1. a removal of portion of prostate
  2. b tests for protein in blood that reflects changes in the prostate
  3. c where the sperm produces (in the scrotal sac in the testes)
  4. d most men never regain normal sexual function
  5. e fructose. fructose is important to the semen because sperm cells will need to make large quantities of ATP for energy to help them swim

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  1. secretes a slightly acid solution which stimulates ATP production in the sperm cells mitochondria. this is necessary to give the sperm cells the energy they need for swimming through the female reproductive tract.
  2. site of gamete (sperm) formation and testosterone production. contains many coiled tubes (seminiferous tubules). located in the scrotum which suspends the testes outside the body cavity where they are kept cooler than normal body temperature (essential for proper sperm cell development)
  3. complete removal of prostate gland
    incision from naval to just above penis
  4. a common passageway for the urinary and reproductive system
  5. small pellets of radioactive material the size of rice grains inserted into the prostate
    -twice the dose of radiation treatments

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  1. epididymiswhere the sperm mature and are stored. on top of each testes


  2. seminal vesiclenourishment for sperm. produces fructose and prostaglandins.


  3. hormone therapy side effectscan impair sexual function
    hot sweats
    does not eliminate tumor cells, only slows their growth


  4. hormone therapy-drugs eliminate or block testosterone production by testes (chemical castration)
    -used when cancer has spread beyond the prostate thus making surgery difficult or impossible


  5. bulbourethral (cowper's) glandsbegins producing its fluid before ejaculation. the slightly alkaline fluid neutralizes the acid environment of the penile urethra and lubricates the penile urethra


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