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  1. ray
  2. complementary angles
  3. protractor
  4. degrees
  5. plane
  1. a a two-dimensional flat surface that extends in all directions without end
  2. b tool used to measure angles
  3. c a part of a line with one endpoint
  4. d the most common measurement for angles
  5. e angles that sum to 90 degrees

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  1. angle measuring exactly 90 degrees
  2. a triangle with no sides or angles congruent
  3. turn a figure around a fixed point
  4. a triangle with all sides and angles congruent
  5. parallelogram with 4 right angles

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  1. straight angleangle measuring exactly 90 degrees


  2. linea never ending straight path of points extending in both directions


  3. circumferencethe distance across the circle through its center


  4. rhombusparallelogram with 4 congruent sides


  5. radiusparallelogram with 4 congruent sides


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