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  1. emotional
  2. compound meter
  3. irregular rhythmic character
  4. meter of a march
  5. weak meter
  1. a Those 2 groups of 3's, 3 groups of 3's or 4 groups of 3's. A meter which the basic beat is divided into 3 parts divided by 2.
  2. b moving
  3. c Difficult to hear meter. It has a weak pulse.
  4. d 4 beats
  5. e accents and/or duration are constantly changing

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  1. Rhythms which are at odds with the prevailing beat.
  2. distinct tone quality of sound
  3. 2,3,4,6,8,9,12
  4. length a sound is sustained; basis for beat and rhythm
  5. 2 or more lines carry an independent meter simultaneously

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  1. accelerando (acc.)gradually get slower


  2. complex/irregular metersIf the music has definite pulse and groups are not in groups of 2's and 3's


  3. regular rhythmic characteraccents and/or duration are constantly changing


  4. sensualThe speed at which musical pulses move.


  5. tempoThe speed at which musical pulses move.


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