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  1. time signature
  2. meter
  3. emotional
  4. meter of a waltz
  5. rhythm
  1. a The time element produced by accent and duration.
  2. b moving
  3. c The grouping of pulses into twos, threes, fours, etc
  4. d 3 beats
  5. e indicates number of beats in each measure

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  1. accent and duration are highly diverse or several patterns exist simultaneously
  2. Duple, triple or quadruple meter indicated by number 2,3 or 4
  3. gradually get faster
  4. If the music has definite pulse and groups are not in groups of 2's and 3's
  5. Difficult to hear meter. It has a weak pulse.

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  1. vivace (viv.)lively


  2. regular meters5,7,10,11


  3. passivephysical


  4. sensualphysical


  5. polymeter2 or more lines carry an independent meter simultaneously


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