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  1. accelerando (acc.)
  2. irregular meters
  3. multimeter
  4. syncopation
  5. perceptive
  1. a meters change fairly rapidly
  2. b gradually get faster
  3. c Rhythms which are at odds with the prevailing beat.
  4. d observant
  5. e 5,7,10,11

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  1. highness or lowness of sound; frequency of vibration
  2. accent and duration are highly diverse or several patterns exist simultaneously
  3. distinct tone quality of sound
  4. patterns of accent and duration are repeated
  5. physical

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  1. durationloudness, volume, dynamic(power) of sound


  2. meterThe speed at which musical pulses move.


  3. regular meters5,7,10,11


  4. passivehighness or lowness of sound; frequency of vibration


  5. weak meter2 or more lines carry an independent meter simultaneously


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