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  1. non-meter
  2. rhythm
  3. irregular rhythmic character
  4. simple rhythmic character
  5. duration
  1. a The time element produced by accent and duration.
  2. b accents and/or duration are constantly changing
  3. c A group of pieces composed with no intended meter (chants)
  4. d length a sound is sustained; basis for beat and rhythm
  5. e patterns consist of only a few note values

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  1. Difficult to hear meter. It has a weak pulse.
  2. The speed at which musical pulses move.
  3. The grouping of pulses into twos, threes, fours, etc
  4. indicates number of beats in each measure
  5. gradually get slower

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  1. irregular meters5,7,10,11


  2. syncopationRhythms which are at odds with the prevailing beat.


  3. emotionalmoving


  4. vivace (viv.)lively


  5. simple metermeasures that begin with an accented downbeat followed by 2 unaccented beats (lilting dance like feel - waltz)


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