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  1. Vaudeville opening act
  2. Tin Pan Alley- located
  3. Shuffle Along
  4. George white introduced
  5. Nora Bayes
  1. a Ziegfeld made up a rumor that she only eats lollipops
  2. b The Charleston and The Black Bottom, Runnin' Wild
  3. c didn't want to be the opening act- worst position
  4. d first major black musical revue, by Eubie blake and Noble Sisle
  5. e West 28th St. between Broaday and 6th Avenue

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  1. created more people wanting to see the city, increases tourism, ripple effect in NYC
  2. thematic/atmospheric driven, atmosphere and style are more important than plot
  3. trained by a german music teacher who taught him classical music
  4. headlined in Lady Be Good & Funny Face, brother and sister dancing duo
  5. talking pictures, radio, recordings (electron sound reproduction)

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  1. Plautusthe song sung by the principle characters


  2. folliesbehind every great man is a woman, master of fake publicity


  3. dottorepompous academic, quack doctor


  4. creator of vaudevillebert williams


  5. composerpompous academic, quack doctor


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