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  1. tin pan alley made what popular
  2. opera origins
  3. Bert Williams' character
  4. Joplin was awarded what award
  5. burlesque
  1. a Pultizer Prize for Music
  2. b came before vaudeville, for adults, considered scandelous, lots of sexual innuendo
  3. c Mr. Nobody
  4. d recitative, aria, grand opera, mozart, satire
  5. e sheet music

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  1. was thought to be a fail but the ballerina's theatre was burned down so they put the play into one and it became a big sucess
  2. Amos in Chicago
  3. started in Minstrelsy and blackface
  4. thematic/atmospheric driven, atmosphere and style are more important than plot
  5. ancient greek tradition of mocking a man whose wife had cheated on him; would get wrapped in goat skin and be taken around town to have people throw things at him; subject of musical comedy

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  1. Plautus' 3 playsSwanee; I'll Build a Staircase to Paradise, Fascinating Rhythm, Rhapsody in Blue, Someone to Watch Over Me, Porgy and Bess


  2. The Pirates of Penzancesatire on British army/English culture- this is a patter song


  3. Cohan sangYankee Doodle Boy, Give My Regards To Broadway


  4. Scott Joplinplot outline/plot sketch


  5. Spouting Academicsnigh club his father had failed because he used classical music but he changed it up and made it a hit


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