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  1. creator of vaudeville
  2. tin pan alley made what popular
  3. plays by Gilbert and Sullivan
  4. Ragtime- who
  5. Irving Berlin's songs
  1. a Topsy Turvy, H.M.S Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance
  2. b sheet music
  3. c White Christmas, God Bless America, No Business Like Show Business, What'll I do?, Puttin' on the Ritz, Annie Get Your Gun
  4. d Scott Joplin
  5. e American, henry pastor

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  1. original Times Square in NYC
  2. Zeus and Semali
  3. mistaken identity with twins, common convention, twins taken at birth, one set wealthy and one set slaves
  4. created more people wanting to see the city, increases tourism, ripple effect in NYC
  5. clown, servant (I Love Lucy)

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  1. how Times Square got its namesatire on British army/English culture- this is a patter song


  2. Thespisfamous roman playwright, all three plays had massive influence


  3. Cohan sangYankee Doodle Boy, Give My Regards To Broadway


  4. Al Jolson's greatest successes3200 seat hall at Broadway and Prince street that had the best equipped stage in NYC


  5. Gershwins did whatformed bridge between Jazz and classical to create unique sound


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