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  1. Gershwin's tunes
  2. Sondheim adapted Plautus' Pseudolous in what play?
  3. Plautus' 3 plays
  4. George white introduced
  5. Satyr plays
  1. a Swanee; I'll Build a Staircase to Paradise, Fascinating Rhythm, Rhapsody in Blue, Someone to Watch Over Me, Porgy and Bess
  2. b Funny Thing Happened on Way to Forum
  3. c The Charleston and The Black Bottom, Runnin' Wild
  4. d Miles Gloriosus, Pseudolus, The Twin Menaechmi
  5. e half man, half goat, satire, mockery of foolish; target today and back then = politicians

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  1. sung dialogue, talking on pitch, usually accompanied by only a few orchestral voices
  2. men dressing as women
  3. formed bridge between Jazz and classical to create unique sound
  4. part of american culture so that you could sing parlor songs and buy sheet music
  5. intricate rhyming scheme- humor found in the rhyming

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  1. Zannifirst opera composer to challenge some of the traditions- one of the first in comic opera


  2. variety acts in 19th centuryberleseque and vaudeville


  3. Puttin' On the Ritz- sang byYoung Frankenstein


  4. Joplin was awarded what awardPultizer Prize for Music


  5. American Influence on theatre (20th century)Dionysian Rites and festivals, Greek chorus, Satyr plays, thespis, cuckoldry, satire, becomes a model for Roman comedy


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