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  1. Ragtime
  2. Miles Gloriosus
  3. who played Adonis
  4. Cohan sang
  5. Blue lines/blue envelopes
  1. a sensor ship, cutting something out of the song/dialogue to make it more appropriate
  2. b scandalous in the day (like our rap music)
  3. c Yankee Doodle Boy, Give My Regards To Broadway
  4. d braggart warrior
  5. e Henry dixey

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  1. servant, best friend, I Love Lucy
  2. in the show the French version, key performer. Ziegfeld had a thing for her and brought her back and told people she took milk baths- American woman became obsessed with it
  3. West 28th St. between Broaday and 6th Avenue
  4. by Cole Porter, Astaire introduced the song Night and Day
  5. Comedy of Errors

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  1. Mae Westbehind every great man is a woman, master of fake publicity


  2. Dionysus is son ofZeus and Semali


  3. Dionysus rites and festivalsevolved into fertility rituals, God of wine and fertility, eventually the god of theatre. represents resurrection and fertility


  4. first accidental American musicalThe Black Crook 1866


  5. Cohan known forAABA songwriting, enabled men to be athletic and masculine


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