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  1. The Black Crook
  2. courtesans with hearts of gold
  3. contributions of Minstrel shows
  4. two-act
  5. Songs in Pirates of Penzance
  1. a straight man, funny man
  2. b sexual slaves, hookers with a heart of gold- Sweet Charity and Pretty Woman
  3. c "Modern Major General, Far Better to Live and Die a Pirate King"
  4. d was thought to be a fail but the ballerina's theatre was burned down so they put the play into one and it became a big sucess
  5. e Master of ceremonies; spoofing popular songs with rewitten lyrics, cross-dressing, double act

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  1. men dressing as women
  2. in the show the French version, key performer. Ziegfeld had a thing for her and brought her back and told people she took milk baths- American woman became obsessed with it
  3. narrative driven, songs must serve the forward arc of story, follows a plot structure
  4. satire on British army/English culture- this is a patter song
  5. dialogue without music

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  1. Fanny Bricecould perform both comedy sketches and torch songs- subject of 1960s era musical Funny Girl (starring Barbara Streisand) sassy comedian that sang


  2. Vaudeville's legacyentertainment


  3. grand operastarted off as a stripper in burlseque- sexy one-liner


  4. Irving Berlin's songsWhite Christmas, God Bless America, No Business Like Show Business, What'll I do?, Puttin' on the Ritz, Annie Get Your Gun


  5. musical revenuesopprotunities for composers to try their material before an audience, became the greatest musical conservatory in the country


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