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  1. Cohan sang
  2. in tin pan alley the American Society of Composers and Publishers did what
  3. Ginger Rogers
  4. dottore
  5. Bragging Warriors
  1. a often paired with Astaire in film career
  2. b Yankee Doodle Boy, Give My Regards To Broadway
  3. c pompous academic, quack doctor
  4. d Gaustan
  5. e made copyright laws

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  1. William Wheatley
  2. Grand Opera was inevitable, which led to split between Grand opera and Opera comique
  3. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, had singing and dancing in the plays
  4. braggart warrior
  5. changed the way women were perceived on stage-seen as sexual, drinking, ect (cheif legacy) and also changed the way guys were seen- muscular

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  1. how Times Square got its nameFollies in france- where he found Anna Held


  2. Fanny Briceearly bursleque, danced with fans that were ostrich feathers/ exotic dancer


  3. Longacre Squareoriginal Times Square in NYC


  4. Lazzia gorgeous male statue that comes to life and finds humans ways so unpleasant that he turns back into a statue


  5. Garrick Gaietieswrites the lyrics


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