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  1. Plautus
  2. Cuckoldry
  3. Anna Held's song
  4. Miles Gloriosus
  5. George White's "Scandals"
  1. a ancient greek tradition of mocking a man whose wife had cheated on him; would get wrapped in goat skin and be taken around town to have people throw things at him; subject of musical comedy
  2. b famous roman playwright, all three plays had massive influence
  3. c "Bicycle Built for Two"
  4. d great threat to Ziegfeld bc it had the dancer/choreographer from Zig Follies.
  5. e braggart warrior

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  1. comedian and dancer, strip tease- created the G-string, ect
  2. dominated by one personality trait (shhhhing librarian)
  3. Dionysian Rites and festivals, Greek chorus, Satyr plays, thespis, cuckoldry, satire, becomes a model for Roman comedy
  4. half man, half goat, satire, mockery of foolish; target today and back then = politicians
  5. Marriage of Figearo

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  1. 534 BCside kicks tothe harlequin


  2. George M. Cohanpatriotic actor in Vaudeville


  3. Shuffle Alongintricate rhyming scheme- humor found in the rhyming


  4. Dionysus rites and festivalsTopsy Turvy, H.M.S Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance


  5. Burlesqueribald humor, sexual innuendo, scanitly clad women, pushed boundaries


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