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  1. Pinnacle
  2. Derogatory
  3. Taciturn
  4. Homicide
  5. Formulate
  1. a Almost always silent; not liking to talk; uncommunicative.
  2. b any killing of one human being by another
  3. c The highest point.
  4. d To devise, to develop, to contrive.
  5. e disparaging; belittling

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  1. done in an obedient manner.
  2. a quantity of food taken or provided for one occasion of eating.
  3. an apparatus that automatically performs certain actions by responding to preset controls or encoded instructions.
  4. Of good omen; boding well for the future; favorable
  5. rough and abrupt in manner or speech; curt

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  1. Pensivethinking deeply or seriously or expressing deep thoughtfulness.


  2. Derisivelydisarranged and untidy; tousled; rumpled


  3. Exuberancethe act of exercising sound judgment in practical matters


  4. Gravityliveliness; durability.


  5. Galllack of color; unnatural paleness, as of the face, associated with poor health, fear, etc.


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