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  1. Sympathy
  2. path (Gr)
  3. Scruples
  4. Pensive
  5. Formulate
  1. a pity or compassion felt for another's trouble or suffering
  2. b thinking deeply or seriously or expressing deep thoughtfulness.
  3. c feeling
  4. d misgivings about something one feels is wrong.
  5. e To devise, to develop, to contrive.

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  1. to perceive or recognize, especially a difference.
  2. sweet-smelling; fragrant; smelling of
  3. uncertain; unstable; insecure
  4. the strength to bear misfortune or pain calmly and patiently
  5. to twist or wrench out of its usual form into one that is grotesque; distort violently.

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  1. Visagea strong wind


  2. Disheveledto put off to a future time; to postpone; to delay


  3. Gingerlyto perceive or recognize, especially a difference.


  4. Crestfallento make a gleeful chuckling or snorting sound


  5. Tangiblecapable of being touched; actual; able to be realized


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