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  1. Pantomime
  2. Impunity
  3. Fortitude
  4. Automaton
  5. Obstinate
  1. a freedom or exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm
  2. b action or gestures without words as a means of expression
  3. c unreasonably determined to have one's own way; not yielding to reason; stubborn
  4. d the strength to bear misfortune or pain calmly and patiently
  5. e an apparatus that automatically performs certain actions by responding to preset controls or encoded instructions.

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  1. removing or lessening suspicions, fears, or hostility
  2. Done in a very careful or cautious way
  3. Any place or point of entering or beginning
  4. contempt or ridicule
  5. to tear roughly; to mangle.

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  1. Scruplesmisgivings about something one feels is wrong.


  2. Imperativeto tear roughly; to mangle.


  3. SubsideThin; rare; not obvious; not dense or heavy.


  4. OminousOf or serving as an omen; threatening or sinister.


  5. GallImpudence; nerve.


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