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  1. Defer
  2. Discern
  3. Nonchalantly
  4. Homo (Gr)
  5. Precariously
  1. a to perceive or recognize, especially a difference.
  2. b same
  3. c to put off to a future time; to postpone; to delay
  4. d uncertain; unstable; insecure
  5. e Without warmth or enthusiasm; not showing interest

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  1. having or showing great pride in oneself and disdain, contempt, or scorn for others; arrogant;
  2. pleasant to talk to; friendly.
  3. shining brightly; full of splendor; dazzling; splendid
  4. To make a formal accusation against, as to the police or in a court.
  5. Any place or point of entering or beginning

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  1. UnscathedNot injured or harmed.


  2. PartitionSomething that separates or divides, as an interior wall dividing one room from another.


  3. auto (Gr)to reply, esp. in a sharp, quick, or witty way.


  4. Scruplesmisgivings about something one feels is wrong.


  5. Rueto feel remorse or repentance for a sin or fault; to wish an act undone or unmade; to regret


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