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  1. Ardently
  2. Arbitrate
  3. Gesticulation
  4. Prudence
  5. Contra (L)
  1. a against, in opposition
  2. b passionately; enthusiastically; devotedly
  3. c to reach a settlement between parties as an unbiased independent; to decide; to determine
  4. d a gesture, esp. an energetic one
  5. e the act of exercising sound judgment in practical matters

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  1. shining brightly; full of splendor; dazzling; splendid
  2. incapable of producing any result; ineffective; useless.
  3. a strong wind
  4. any killing of one human being by another
  5. punishment for evil done or reward for good done

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  1. Scrutinycareful and close examination


  2. DerisivelyDone in a mocking, jeering, or taunting way.


  3. Taciturnmanner of moving on foot; way of walking or running


  4. ImminentOf or serving as an omen; threatening or sinister.


  5. Meretriciousalluring by false, showy charms; attractive in a flashy way; tawdry


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