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  1. Austere
  2. Nonchalantly
  3. Ardently
  4. Contra (L)
  5. Subdue
  1. a Without warmth or enthusiasm; not showing interest
  2. b passionately; enthusiastically; devotedly
  3. c against, in opposition
  4. d to make less intense; to reduce; to soften.
  5. e A severe or stern look.

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  1. disparaging; belittling
  2. to make a gleeful chuckling or snorting sound
  3. Done in a mocking, jeering, or taunting way.
  4. aid; help; relief
  5. to declare (a statement, report, etc.) to be false or incorrect; to be contrary or opposed to; to go against.

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  1. Subtleto feel remorse or repentance for a sin or fault; to wish an act undone or unmade; to regret


  2. Pallorlack of color; unnatural paleness, as of the face, associated with poor health, fear, etc.


  3. Exuberancethe act of exercising sound judgment in practical matters


  4. Amiablepleasant, friendly, good-natured.


  5. path (Gr)self


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