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Stubbs Vocab Final Test

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  1. Writhe
  2. Partition
  3. Juncture
  4. Excruciating
  5. Precariously
  1. a Causing intense physical or mental pain; agonizing.
  2. b a point or line of joining or connection; joint, as of two bones, or seam.
  3. c uncertain; unstable; insecure
  4. d to make twisting or turning movements; to contort the body, as in agony;
  5. e Something that separates or divides, as an interior wall dividing one room from another.

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  1. to become less active, intense; to abate
  2. to reach a settlement between parties as an unbiased independent; to decide; to determine
  3. aid; help; relief
  4. to declare (a statement, report, etc.) to be false or incorrect; to be contrary or opposed to; to go against.
  5. to set right; to rectify or remedy, often by making compensation for a wrong or grievance

5 True/False Questions

  1. Defiancepleasant, friendly, good-natured.


  2. Obstinateunreasonably determined to have one's own way; not yielding to reason; stubborn


  3. Homo (Gr)same


  4. Subtlea strong wind


  5. Meretriciousalluring by false, showy charms; attractive in a flashy way; tawdry


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