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  1. credible
  2. emolument
  3. consanguinity
  4. denizen
  5. elixir
  1. a (n) cure-all; the essential principle; substance capable of prolonging life indefinitely
  2. b (n) inhabitant; one admitted to residence in a foreign country, one who frequents a place
  3. c (n) profit arising from office or employment usually in form of compensation
  4. d (n) a close relation or connection
  5. e (adj) capable of being believed; plausible

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  1. (adj) loosely styled and irregular in measure --esp. for burlesque or comic effect
  2. (n) art of effective public speaking
  3. (n) rude language or treatment arising from haughtiness and contempt
  4. (n) an intimate often exclusive group of persons with a common interest or purpose
  5. (adj) ready to believe esp. on slight uncertain evidence

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  1. phrenetic(adj) wild, delirious, insane, frantic


  2. demure(v) to play out; defray; distribute (ex. property by will)


  3. pervious(adj) ready to believe esp. on slight uncertain evidence


  4. eject(adj) exhausted; no longer fertile; marked by weakness or decadence


  5. conversant(adj) having knowledge or experience


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