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  1. fragment
  2. Run on
  3. Missuse of P. Marks
  4. Tracy wore hair braids.
  1. a Sentence
  2. b Some gardeners raise only flowers others raise only vegetables.
  3. c from the very first step of the dance.
  4. d "What?,no !"

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  1. Fragment
  2. Fragment
  3. Sentence
  4. Sentence
  5. Fragment

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  1. Answer the phone.Sentence


  2. The banana bread sold quickly.Sentence


  3. sentencethe thunderstorm began at three o'clock


  4. sentenceAlexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he was not a scientist.


  5. Example of a Run-OnJimmy and I went to the mall to buy some matching hats after we bought the hats we went to the food court to get some pizza.


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