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  1. Run On Sentence
  2. Most of the tenants in the organization.
  3. O. Henry was a short-story writer, at one time he was a cowboy.
  4. Example of a Fragment
  1. a When two or more sentences aren't joined correctly because they don't use proper conjunction's and other punctuations
  2. b run-on
  3. c Fragment
  4. d Purdue offers many majors in engineering. Such as electrical,chemical, and industrial engineering.

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  1. Some gardeners raise only flowers others raise only vegetables.
  2. Fragment
  3. words that are used to connect sentence , most common are nor, or, but, and , yet
  4. Sentence
  5. Fragment

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  1. Whichever is less expensive.Fragment


  2. as we entered the house, the telephone rang.sentence


  3. Fixing Fragmentsfrom the very first step of the dance.


  4. Missuse of P. Marks"What?,no !"


  5. Put the letters into the mailbox.Fragment


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