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  1. Toni explained her decision.
  2. sentence
  3. fragment
  4. Spent five dollars at the country fair last night.
  5. run on
  1. a whenever it thunders and whenever there is lightning
  2. b Fragment
  3. c early egyptians liked glass beads, blue beads were favored.
  4. d Sentence
  5. e lions sometimes climb trees and nap on the branches.

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  1. Sentence
  2. the thunderstorm began at three o'clock
  3. run-on
  4. Fragment
  5. Fragment

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  1. Corinne, a student in the evening division.Sentence


  2. The phonograph needs a new needle.Fragment


  3. my spaniel wont chase the ball because he is lazyFragment


  4. Roasted a chicken.Fragment


  5. Missuse of P. Marks"What?,no !"


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