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  1. sentence
  2. my spaniel wont chase the ball because he is lazy
  3. Fixing Run-Ons
  4. Roasted a chicken.
  1. a Fragment
  2. b sentence
  3. c Using proper punctuation marks and conjunctions, and adding proper pronouns
  4. d lions sometimes climb trees and nap on the branches.

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  1. because the sun was shining, we went on a picnic.
  2. Sentence
  3. Sentence
  4. Sentence
  5. Sentence

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  1. Missuse of P. Marksboth apples and oranges , but not the red ones or the green ones


  2. The phonograph needs a new needle.Sentence


  3. Example of a Run-OnJimmy and I went to the mall to buy some matching hats after we bought the hats we went to the food court to get some pizza.


  4. Brenda argued with the mechanic.Fragment


  5. Run onpaper clips are useful items.


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