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  1. O. Henry was a short-story writer, at one time he was a cowboy.
  2. sentence
  3. The radiator overheated.
  4. Because I like frogs.
  1. a Sentence
  2. b Fragment
  3. c paper clips are useful items.
  4. d run-on

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  1. Some gardeners raise only flowers others raise only vegetables.
  2. Sentence
  3. sentence
  4. Fragment
  5. Sentence

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  1. Look at the squirrel over there, what is it eating?run-on


  2. Jumping up and down and never stopping.Sentence


  3. fragmentwhenever it thunders and whenever there is lightning


  4. Missuse of Conj."What?,no !"


  5. As though we had met.Fragment


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