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  1. Run On Sentence
  2. Run on
  3. sentence
  4. Because I like frogs.
  1. a Fragment
  2. b Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he was not a scientist.
  3. c the thunderstorm began at three o'clock
  4. d When two or more sentences aren't joined correctly because they don't use proper conjunction's and other punctuations

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  1. Fragment
  2. Fragment
  3. paper clips are useful items.
  4. Sentence
  5. Sentence

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  1. Tracy wore hair braids.Fragment


  2. Example of a FragmentPurdue offers many majors in engineering. Such as electrical,chemical, and industrial engineering.


  3. Watch for the warning signs.Sentence


  4. sentenceearly egyptians liked glass beads, blue beads were favored.


  5. The basketball player lunged for the ball.Sentence


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