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  1. sentence
  2. Because I like frogs.
  3. 2. A delivery truck blocked the way.
  1. a Sentence
  2. b Fragment
  3. c paper clips are useful items.

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  1. Fragment
  2. Fragment
  3. words that are used to connect sentence , most common are nor, or, but, and , yet
  4. Sentence
  5. Purdue offers many majors in engineering. Such as electrical,chemical, and industrial engineering.

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  1. The radiator overheated.Sentence


  2. Run On Sentencethe thunderstorm began at three o'clock


  3. Dr. Pearl Kendrick developed a whopping cough vaccine.Fragment


  4. Missuse of P. Marksboth apples and oranges , but not the red ones or the green ones


  5. Always rushing around.Sentence


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