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  1. dowager
  2. ecstasy
  3. disdain
  4. degeneration
  5. destitution
  1. a a state of decline
  2. b a widow who holds a title from her husband, an elderly woman of society
  3. c state of being extremely poor, in extreme want
  4. d extreme happiness
  5. e intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt; to reject as unworthy

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  1. wasteful spending, squandering
  2. serious, reserved, coy
  3. to trick, to fool, to deceive, to cheat
  4. to spread in all directions
  5. courteous going along with the opinions or wishes of another

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  1. dexterousskillful and active with the hands; manually adroit and skillful


  2. desecratedeserted, without inhabitants, barren


  3. emaciatedto try to equal or to be like (usually through imitation)


  4. dimuniondiminishment, reduction


  5. dauntto intimidate, to dismay


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