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  1. dowager
  2. destitution
  3. dissipation
  4. disavowal
  5. docile
  1. a easily managed, obedient, passive
  2. b denial
  3. c state of being extremely poor, in extreme want
  4. d a widow who holds a title from her husband, an elderly woman of society
  5. e wasteful spending, squandering

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  1. disintegration, decomposition and dispersion
  2. a state of decline
  3. very thin (usually as a result of starvation), wasting away
  4. a pouring forth (usually overdone in writing or speech)
  5. skillful and active with the hands; manually adroit and skillful

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  1. effervescentshowing high spirits


  2. emulateto try to equal or to be like (usually through imitation)


  3. demureserious, reserved, coy


  4. enervationweakness


  5. dimuniondiminishment, reduction


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