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  1. debauchery
  2. elicit
  3. duplicity
  4. deference
  5. debase
  1. a moral corruption
  2. b double-dealing, hypocrisy
  3. c courteous going along with the opinions or wishes of another
  4. d to reduce in dignity or quality
  5. e to bring out a response, to evoke

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. state of being extremely poor, in extreme want
  2. to intimidate, to dismay
  3. a pouring forth (usually overdone in writing or speech)
  4. a desire to avoid, aversion
  5. intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt; to reject as unworthy

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  1. demureto trick, to fool, to deceive, to cheat


  2. desolatedeserted, without inhabitants, barren


  3. despoticdepression, dejection


  4. emaciatedvery thin (usually as a result of starvation), wasting away


  5. diffuseto spread in all directions


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