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  1. Dough (up) - "Ngaw day nee dough Dough(up) yow gung faw.
  2. hi
  3. chaw yut chaw / chaw ha la
  4. Yur Yut
  5. Guy Sick
  1. a Explain
  2. b Also/all/both - We also have homework.
  3. c used in a phrase for "is" "to be"
    ignore in phrase when using adjective (This is very cheap-Nee gaw ho pang)
    If "is not" must use
  4. d sit a little while
  5. e Appointment

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  1. will be
  2. Finished teaching
  3. Completed teaching (add la to the end of the phrase)
  4. now - "I am teaching now" (shur is extra added to gow for learning)
  5. Monday vs Sunday

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  1. Hok fi jow wuo hi say ga lai bye......yut bat say sup bat mun."The tuition for 4 weeks is $148"


  2. YouYes as a response. Do I need to... Yes "You"
    (No - mmm sigh)


  3. whoui/mm whouiCurrently teaching


  4. Ngaw deem ching fu nay?What do I call you?


  5. Hup YurtContract


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