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  1. You gaw nay mmm lay yut tong.
  2. You gaw nay cheem yut neen hup yurt
  3. You
  4. hi
  5. You Gaw
  1. a used in a phrase for "is" "to be"
    ignore in phrase when using adjective (This is very cheap-Nee gaw ho pang)
    If "is not" must use
  2. b If
  3. c Need (negative - don't need "mmm sigh" or question "sigh mmm sigh")
  4. d "If you sign a 1 year contract"
  5. e "If you miss a class"

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  1. Can you come back on Sunday? You Sunday can or can't come back?
  2. Yes as a response. Do I need to... Yes "You"
    (No - mmm sigh)
  3. Completed teaching (add la to the end of the phrase)
  4. will be
  5. Finished teaching

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  1. Yup LaiDrop in - Come in


  2. Nay gay see lay yau duck."You can come anytime"


  3. Youwant "gnaw you"


  4. joe sungood morning


  5. Yur YutAppointment


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