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  1. But yurt, lay ga yut gaw lay, gnaw haw yee tong nay gong daw dee ga faw ching.
  2. joe sun
  3. Nay sing kai yut haw yee mm haw yee fan lai nee dough a?
  4. Hok Fei
  5. Mong jee
  1. a Can you come back on Sunday? You Sunday can or can't come back?
  2. b good morning
  3. c Perhaps, if you have time to come in, I can explain the fees for the programs more.
  4. d website
  5. e Tuition

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  1. Monday vs Sunday
  2. make appointment (Yur - future/make)
    "Yur Dang" (make reservation - table)
  3. Explain
  4. Drop in - Come in
  5. Need (negative - don't need "mmm sigh" or question "sigh mmm sigh")

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  1. YouYes as a response. Do I need to... Yes "You"
    (No - mmm sigh)


  2. gau gun shuCurrently teaching


  3. Wong Tai vs Wong SangDo you have any questions?


  4. Ngaw Dough(up) surng chang nay lie ngaw day jurng sum.I will give (as a gift) a discount to you.


  5. Faw ChingProgram


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