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  1. tai yut tai, dung yut dung
  2. Nay ha ga lai bye haw yee bow fan.
  3. gau yurn shu
  4. You gaw lay yur yut, ngaw haw yee jhun bay yut ga cha see bay nay ga summon jai.
  5. Yut (up) vs Yut (down)
  1. a If you make an appointment, I can prepare a test for you child.
  2. b Monday vs Sunday
  3. c "You can make it up the following week"
    *notice time comes after the noun - Nay ha ga lai bye
  4. d take a quick look, wait quickly
  5. e Finished teaching

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  1. Mrs. Wong - Mr. Wong
  2. "If you miss a class"
  3. What do I call you?
  4. make appointment (Yur - future/make)
    "Yur Dang" (make reservation - table)
  5. I will give (as a gift) a discount to you.

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  1. Mong jeewebsite


  2. Yut Chai LayDrop in - Come in


  3. YouAdd to make possessive (His - Kur gei)


  4. Nay sing kai yut haw yee mm haw yee fan lai nee dough a?"Can I come on Saturday?"
    Time is phrased after the noun, I Saturday...


  5. gun - "Ngaw yee ga gow gun shur""You can come anytime"


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