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  1. standard hypodermic,insulin,tuberculin
  2. aqueos solution
  3. nausea and vomitting
  4. caplet
  5. capsule
  1. a the three most common syringes are the
  2. b a solid form,shaped like a capsule,coated and easily swallowed
  3. c digitalis can have the side effect of
  4. d a gelatinous container to hold a drug in powder ,liquid or oil form
  5. e one or more drugs desolved in water

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  1. relieves the symptoms of a disease but does not effect the disease itself
  2. a medication mixed with alchohol,oil,or soapy emoliant and applied to the skin
  3. vitamin found in green leafy vegetables that can counteract the effect of an anticoagulent
  4. for a subcutaneous injection the needle would be how long
  5. for obese clients the length of the needle for a subcutaneous injection is

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  1. luer lokthis type of syringe has a tip that requires the needle to be twisted on to it to avoid accidental removal of the needle


  2. insulin syringethis type of syringe comes in 2,2.5,3 ,and 5 mL sizes, it has two scales the milileter ,and the minim the minim is the one most often used.


  3. purity and identitiydigitalis can have the side effect of


  4. ventroglutealrecomended injectionton site for infants 1 year and younger


  5. aerosol spray or foama liquid powder,or foam deposited in a thin layer on the skin by air pressure


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