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chapter 35 Test

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  1. vastus lateralis
  2. myocardial contractions
  3. vascular organs
  4. inner lower arm,thee upper chest ,and the back beneath the scapulae
  5. muscle tissue
  1. a common sites for intradermal injctions are the
  2. b recomended injectionton site for infants 1 year and younger
  3. c subcutaneous tissue have a poorer blood supply than
  4. d digitalis increases the the strenghth of
  5. e liver ,kidneys,and the brain

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  1. for intramuscular injections the gauge is
  2. for intramuscular injections the length of the needle needs to be
  3. recomended site for the hepatitis b vaccine in adults
  4. shaft length of ommonly used needles varie from
  5. for subcutaneous injection the gauge would be

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  1. aqueous suspensionone or more drugs desolved in water


  2. capleta gelatinous container to hold a drug in powder ,liquid or oil form


  3. ventrogluteala concentrated form of a drug made from vegetables or animals


  4. capsulea solid form,shaped like a capsule,coated and easily swallowed


  5. standard hypodermic,insulin,tuberculinthis type of syringe comes in 2,2.5,3 ,and 5 mL sizes, it has two scales the milileter ,and the minim the minim is the one most often used.


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