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  1. vastus lateralis
  2. anxiety
  3. aerosol spray or foam
  4. nausea and vomitting
  5. aqueos solution
  1. a digitalis can have the side effect of
  2. b a liquid powder,or foam deposited in a thin layer on the skin by air pressure
  3. c recomended injectionton site for infants 1 year and younger
  4. d diazepam is used for release of ----------
  5. e one or more drugs desolved in water

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  1. digitalis increases the the strenghth of
  2. this type of syringe has a 100 unit calibrated scale
  3. this type of syringe has a tip that requires the needle to be twisted on to it to avoid accidental removal of the needle
  4. a nongreasy,semisolid preperation used on the skin
  5. the gauge varies from

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  1. muscle tissuesubcutaneous tissue have a poorer blood supply than


  2. 1 inchesfor obese clients the length of the needle for a subcutaneous injection is


  3. palliativerelieves the symptoms of a disease but does not effect the disease itself


  4. 1/2 to 2 inchesshaft length of ommonly used needles varie from


  5. 3/8 to 5/8 inchesshaft length of ommonly used needles varie from


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