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  1. capsule
  2. 1 inches
  3. elixer
  4. hypodermic syringe
  5. extract
  1. a a concentrated form of a drug made from vegetables or animals
  2. b for obese clients the length of the needle for a subcutaneous injection is
  3. c a sweetened and aromatic solution of alchohol used as a vehicle for medicinal purpose
  4. d this type of syringe comes in 2,2.5,3 ,and 5 mL sizes, it has two scales the milileter ,and the minim the minim is the one most often used.
  5. e a gelatinous container to hold a drug in powder ,liquid or oil form

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  1. physical and chemical test for
  2. recomended site for the hepatitis b vaccine in adults
  3. vitamin found in green leafy vegetables that can counteract the effect of an anticoagulent
  4. one or more drugs desolved in water
  5. for subcutaneous injection the gauge would be

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  1. capleta gelatinous container to hold a drug in powder ,liquid or oil form


  2. myocardial contractionsdigitalis increases the the strenghth of


  3. aqueous suspensionone or more drugs finely divided in a liquid such as water


  4. inner lower arm,thee upper chest ,and the back beneath the scapulaelonger bevels are often used for ----------injections


  5. 18-28the gauge varies from


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