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  1. tessallation
  2. angle
  3. nonagon
  4. obtuse angle
  5. regular polygon
  1. a a polygon with all sides and all angles equal
  2. b a pattern of shapes that completely cover a plane without overlaps or gaps
  3. c two rays with a common endpoint
  4. d an angle between 90 and 180 degrees
  5. e a nine-sided polygon

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  1. a triangle with 1 obtuse angle
  2. a triangle with no congruent sides
  3. a parallelogram with four equal sides
  4. a parallelogram having four right angles and four congruent sides
  5. A quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides

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  1. rectanglea parallelogram with four right angles with opposite sides congruent and parallel


  2. parallelograma quadrilateral with opposite sides congruent and opposite sides parallel


  3. vertexa common endpoint of two rays forming an angle


  4. heptagona seven-sided polygon


  5. equilaterial triangleall three sides are equal


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