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  1. Wanted the Berlin wall built in order to stop people from leaving the communist country
  2. a race between nations to build more powerful weapons
  3. controlled by Russia
  4. The heart of the Cold War struggle/Soviets hoped the blockade of West Berlin would make the Americans leave
  5. a conflict during the cold war where UN troops fought to push North Koreans out of South Korea
  6. the communist leader in China

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  1. difference between market and command economiesin capitalism, individuals make most of the decisions and in communism, the government makes most of the decisions


  2. Joseph Stalinleader of the anti-communist movement in the US


  3. Soviets and Americans fought without shootinga conflict during the cold war where US wanted Russian missiles removed from Cuba


  4. communismthe government controls production and owns the nation's natural and capital resources


  5. United Statesconcerned the Soviets wanted to spread communism to the entire world


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