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  1. Endoplasmic Reticulum
  2. Afferent Axon
  3. blood-brain barrier
  4. resting potential
  5. Dendritic Spines
  1. a mechanism that keeps most chemicals out of the brain.
  2. b Tubular network to transport new proteins to other places.
  3. c Further branch out and increase surface area of some dendrites.
  4. d is mainly the result of negatively charged proteins in the cell.
  5. e Bringing information into the structure.

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  1. Other major components of the nervous system. And include astrocytes, micro glia, radial glia, oligdendrocytes and Schwann cells.
  2. Builds the myelin sheath that surrounds the axon of some neurons.
  3. difference in distribution of ions across the membrane.
  4. The end points of an axon responsible for releasing chemicals to communicate with other neurons.
  5. Relates to behavior to the activity of the brain and other organs.

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  1. Functional BehaviorDescribes why a structure or behavior evolved as it did.


  2. thiaminethe chemical necessary for the use of glucose. alcoholics have a _____ deficient diet.


  3. Nodes of RanvierInterruptions in the myelin sheath


  4. DualismBelief that the Universe consists of only one kind of substance.


  5. AxonThin fiber of a neuron responsible for transmitting nerve impulses away to other neurons, glands and muscles.


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