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  1. thiamine
  2. Dendrites
  3. concentration gradient
  4. Afferent Axon
  5. Endoplasmic Reticulum
  1. a Branching fibers with surface lined with synaptic receptors responsible for bringing information from other neurons.
  2. b Tubular network to transport new proteins to other places.
  3. c difference in distribution of ions across the membrane.
  4. d Bringing information into the structure.
  5. e the chemical necessary for the use of glucose. alcoholics have a _____ deficient diet.

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  1. Further branch out and increase surface area of some dendrites.
  2. The end points of an axon responsible for releasing chemicals to communicate with other neurons.
  3. Structure that contains the chromosomes.
  4. Has its soma in the spinal cord and receives excitation from other neurons and conducts impulses along the axon to muscle
  5. Belief that the Universe consists of only one kind of substance.

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  1. Oligdendrocytes and Schwann cellsBuilds the myelin sheath that surrounds the axon of some neurons.


  2. RibosomesThe sites at which the cell synthesizes new protein molecules.


  3. Physiological BehaviorDescribes why a structure or behavior evolved as it did.


  4. Nodes of RanvierStructure that separates the inside of a cell from the outside environment.


  5. Efferent AxonBringing information into the structure.


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