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  1. if large in FG and small in BG the image will
  2. JIP/PED
  3. lighter tones
  4. dolly
  5. larger objects
  1. a explores space horizontally by moving the camera
  2. b advance
  3. c deepen
  4. d explores space vertically by moving the camera
  5. e seem closer

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  1. wide shot
    head to toe
  2. multiple images created by camera on/off
  3. three shot
    three characters in the shot
  4. extreme close up
    portion of the face
  5. shots edited together to create a BEAT

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  1. lower horizonemphasizes the size of the object


  2. frameMedium shot
    waist up


  3. XWSextreme wide shot
    character inside the location


  4. panexplores space horizontally by turning the camera


  5. cooler colorsadvance


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