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  1. MS
  2. XWS
  3. 180 degree rule
  4. rule of 30
  5. cooler colors
  1. a Medium shot
    waist up
  2. b extreme wide shot
    character inside the location
  3. c in order to avoid a JUMP CUT
    --30 degrees (when changing camera positions move it at least 30 degrees)
  4. d recede
  5. e all camera positions must stay within a 180 degree arc
    the base line of the arc is determined by the central "line of action"

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  1. advance
  2. single image
  3. seem farther away
  4. three shot
    three characters in the shot
  5. variety of scenes with a B/M/E

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  1. tiltvariety of scenes with a B/M/E


  2. sequenceshots edited together to create a BEAT


  3. higher horizondiminishes the size of an object


  4. warmer colorsrecede


  5. ESTwide shot
    head to toe


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