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  1. XCU
  2. lower horizon
  3. WS
  4. pan
  5. JIP/PED
  1. a explores space vertically by moving the camera
  2. b explores space horizontally by turning the camera
  3. c extreme close up
    portion of the face
  4. d emphasizes the size of the object
  5. e wide shot
    head to toe

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  1. Medium shot
    waist up
  2. over the shoulder
    head to toe
  3. flatten the space
  4. distance
    marge on stage flashing the crowd
  5. diminishes the size of an object

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  1. 2Swide shot
    head to toe


  2. 180 degree rulerecede


  3. frameMedium shot
    waist up


  4. rule of thirdsin order to avoid a JUMP CUT
    --30 degrees (when changing camera positions move it at least 30 degrees)


  5. actextreme close up
    portion of the face


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