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  1. downtrodden
  2. casual
  3. stifle
  4. ordeal
  5. entice
  1. a treated unfairly and cruely, oppressed
  2. b to attract, tempt
  3. c a difficult or painful experience, trial
  4. d to smother,prevent from breathing;to hold back or choke off
  5. e happening by chance or on an rregular basis, sowing little concern, informal

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  1. lifelike,vivid,relating to the pictorial arts
  2. having life,living;nesseccary to life,essential
  3. to ake dry and thristy; to shrivel with heat
  4. one who looks on or observes, a person present but not taking part
  5. royal,kinglike;fit for a king

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  1. punyof less than normal stenghth or size


  2. ratifyto approve, give formal approvel to


  3. erodeto waer away gradually, eat away


  4. canvassto go through an area in order to procure votes,salees,or opinions; to discuss


  5. quibbleto smother,prevent from breathing;to hold back or choke off


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