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  1. buena gente
  2. chistoso
  3. la enfermedad
  4. callado
  5. Cuando me enteré, no lo pude creer
  1. a funny
  2. b sickness
  3. c nice person
  4. d When i found out, i couldn't believe it.
  5. e quiet

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  1. talkative
  2. generous
  3. curious
  4. back then
  5. baptism

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  1. ?Cómo eras...?What were you like...?


  2. ?Cómo te sentiste cuando supiste lo de...?What were you like...?


  3. caerle bien/malto make a good/bad impression


  4. Cuando oí la noticia, no lo quise creerWhen i herad the news, i didn't want to believe it.


  5. cariñosocurious


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