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Black History Bee Pg. 2 Test

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  1. Devoted life to challenging the segregation in South Carolina and the illiteracy that followed.
  2. Practiced law in England
  3. Her aunt bought her freedom for $125 and sent her to school in Rhode Island
  4. Best Selling Author of "Fatherhood" and "Childhood"
  5. Agriculture (plants) instructor @ Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
  1. a
    Fanny Coppin
  2. b
    Septima Clark
  3. c
    Thomas Chester
  4. d
    Bill Cosby
  5. e
    George Washington Carver

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  1. Chicago

  2. Charles Richard Drew

  3. George Washington Carver

  4. Bessie Coleman

  5. Septima Clark

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  1. Had to sit on benches w/out backs.
    Bill Cosby


  2. Started by doing stand-up comedy in Philadelphia


  3. Reported for "Philadelphia Press" reporting on the activities of A.A. troops around Richmond, VA.
    Thomas Chester


  4. 1st to make the US Ryder Cup Team
    Thomas Chester


  5. Was offered jobs by Henry Ford & Thomas Edison, but stayed @ Tuskegee to improve black farmers.
    George Washington Carver


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