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  1. Stared on TV "I spy", "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids" (cartoon 1972-1984).
  2. Studied 4 types of human blood and how it could be preserved.
  3. 1st to make the US Ryder Cup Team
  4. 1919 - very few women and NO black women had pilot's license, but she wanted one.
  5. Best Selling Author of "Fatherhood" and "Childhood"
  1. a
    Bill Cosby
  2. b
    Bill Cosby
  3. c
    Lee Elder
  4. d
    Bessie Coleman
  5. e
    Charles Richard Drew

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  1. Fanny Coppin

  2. Bill Cosby

  3. George Washington Carver

  4. Bessie Coleman

  5. Charles Richard Drew

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  1. NAACP
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


  2. Produced several comedy albums.
    Bill Cosby


  3. Agriculture (plants) instructor @ Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
    George Washington Carver


  4. 1982 - Received the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina's highest honor for outstanding service to the state.
    Bill Cosby


  5. Had a good relationship with Indians and other businesses began to grow.
    Jean Baptiste DuSable


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