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  1. Blood methods helped save lives of thousands of soldiers during WWII
  2. 1769 - traveled to Canada and stopped at a place perfect for a trading post.
  3. 1st black golfer to earn more than $100,000 in a season.
  4. Produced several comedy albums.
  5. Expert on collecting, storing, processing blood plasma
  1. a
    Charles Richard Drew
  2. b
    Charles Richard Drew
  3. c
    Lee Elder
  4. d
    Bill Cosby
  5. e
    Jean Baptiste DuSable

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  1. Bessie Coleman

  2. Bill Cosby

  3. Septima Clark

  4. Thomas Chester

  5. Bessie Coleman

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  1. Had her poverty students write on the floor and use the benches as their desk. They wrote on used dry cleaners; bags.
    Septima Clark


  2. After long legal battles, she got her pension and license back.
    George Washington Carver


  3. ironed clothes for other students to make $
    George Washington Carver


  4. Studied 4 types of human blood and how it could be preserved.
    Charles Richard Drew


  5. Became the director of the Red Cross Blood Collection
    Septima Clark


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