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  1. Devoted life to challenging the segregation in South Carolina and the illiteracy that followed.
  2. 1922 - 1st A.A. Woman to earn international pilot's license.
  3. 1919 - very few women and NO black women had pilot's license, but she wanted one.
  4. 1982 - Received the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina's highest honor for outstanding service to the state.
  5. Principal and teacher in a 2 room school house w/132 students.
  1. a
    Bessie Coleman
  2. b
    Bessie Coleman
  3. c
    Septima Clark
  4. d
    Septima Clark
  5. e
    Septima Clark

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  1. Chicago

  2. Bill Cosby

  3. Thomas Chester

  4. Bill Cosby

  5. Charles Richard Drew

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  1. ironed clothes for other students to make $
    George Washington Carver


  2. NAACP
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


  3. Her aunt bought her freedom for $125 and sent her to school in Rhode Island
    Fanny Coppin


  4. His system of crop rotation had farmers fixing their soil problems by planting peanuts.
    George Washington Carver


  5. Scientist @ Iowa Agriculture College
    Thomas Chester


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