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  1. Refused to tell dirty jokes.
  2. Her aunt bought her freedom for $125 and sent her to school in Rhode Island
  3. 1916 - began teaching on Johns Island (poverty (poor) stricken town where the school had no resources.
  4. Had her poverty students write on the floor and use the benches as their desk. They wrote on used dry cleaners; bags.
  5. 1982 - Received the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina's highest honor for outstanding service to the state.
  1. a
    Septima Clark
  2. b
    Septima Clark
  3. c
    Bill Cosby
  4. d
    Fanny Coppin
  5. e
    Septima Clark

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  1. Thomas Chester

  2. Jean Baptiste DuSable

  3. Bill Cosby

  4. Bessie Coleman

  5. Bill Cosby

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  1. Had a good relationship with Indians and other businesses began to grow.
    Jean Baptiste DuSable


  2. Blood methods helped save lives of thousands of soldiers during WWII
    Lee Elder


  3. Went to France to learn to fly and do stunts with an airplane.
    Lee Elder


  4. Studied 4 types of human blood and how it could be preserved.
    Charles Richard Drew


  5. 1st black woman in the US to receive a college degree.
    Lee Elder


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