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  1. Studied 4 types of human blood and how it could be preserved.
  2. Principal and teacher in a 2 room school house w/132 students.
  3. Popularity came after he was on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show"
  4. 1st to make the US Ryder Cup Team
  5. Started by doing stand-up comedy in Philadelphia
  1. a
    Charles Richard Drew
  2. b
    Lee Elder
  3. c
    Bill Cosby
  4. d
    Bill Cosby
  5. e
    Septima Clark

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  1. Chicago

  2. George Washington Carver

  3. Jean Baptiste DuSable

  4. Lee Elder

  5. Bessie Coleman

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  1. 1919 - very few women and NO black women had pilot's license, but she wanted one.
    Bessie Coleman


  2. Worked in the cotton fields before training to be a manicurist (Chicago)
    Jean Baptiste DuSable


  3. Found many uses for peanuts: face powder, ink, & wood stain.
    George Washington Carver


  4. Reported for "Philadelphia Press" reporting on the activities of A.A. troops around Richmond, VA.
    Thomas Chester


  5. Best Selling Author of "Fatherhood" and "Childhood"
    Bill Cosby


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