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  1. path/o-
  2. adenosis
  3. -ology
  4. degeneration
  5. epigastric region
  1. a study of
  2. b worsening condition
  3. c located above the stomach
  4. d disease, suffering, emotion
  5. e a disease of a gland

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  1. fatal genetic disorder in which harmful quantities of fatty substance build up in tissues and nerve cells in the brain (both parents must have mutated gene to pass it on)
  2. inflammation of a gland
  3. a thin layer of tissue that covers a surface, lines a cavity, or divides a space or organ
  4. a group or layer of similarly specialized cells that join together to perform specific functions
  5. located within the skull; surrounds and protects the brain

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  1. epidthe crease and the junction of the trunk with the upper end of the thigh


  2. aplasiadefective development, or congenital absence, or an organ or tissue


  3. dense connective tissuescells have specialized ability to contract and relax


  4. hypoplasiaincomplete development of an organ or tissue usually due to a deficiency in the number of cells


  5. anatomic reference systemsbody erect, facing forward, arms at the sides with hands turned with palms turned towards the front


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