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  1. contamination
  2. P
  3. midsagittal plane
  4. coronal plane
  5. laparoscopy
  1. a aka frontal plane - divides body into front and back portions
  2. b aka midline, divides plane into left and right halves
  3. c ...
  4. d a pathogen is possibly present
  5. e physiology, posterior

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  1. abnormal development or growth of cells, tissues, or organs
  2. the manipulating or splicing of genes for scientific or medical purposes
  3. ?
  4. cerebral palsy (the result of brain damage)
  5. an up-and-down plane that is a right angle to the horizon

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  1. parietalcavity wall


  2. a tissuea group or layer of similarly specialized cells that join together to perform specific functions


  3. postmortemafter death


  4. endemicthe ongoing presence of a disease within a population, group, or area


  5. hypertrophythe study of structures of the body


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