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  1. umbilicus region
  2. undifferentiated
  3. ventral
  4. ch, chr
  5. exocrine gland
  1. a chromosome or chromosomes
  2. b front, or belly side, of the organ or body
  3. c secretes chemical substances into ducts that lead to other organs or out of the body
  4. d not having a specialized function or structure
  5. e belly button area

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  1. form protective covering for all internal and external surfaces of hte body
  2. form the joints and framework of bod (ex bone, cartilage)
  3. cells have specialized ability to contract and relax
  4. flat crosswise plane
  5. pertaining to the formation of blood or blood cells; "_____ stem cells in bone marrow"

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  1. histologytissue


  2. inguinalthe body cavity containing the organs used in the digestive system


  3. retroperitoneallocated behind the peritoneum


  4. hypochondriac regionsbelow the ribs


  5. hypogastric regionthe region above the stomach


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