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  1. frontal plane
  2. dorsal cavity
  3. recessive gene
  4. cranial cavity
  5. parietal
  1. a located within the skull; surrounds and protects the brain
  2. b a gene only expressed in the homozygous (both aprents must have it for the trait to be expressed in offspring)
  3. c cavity wall
  4. d vertical plane that divides the body into anterior (front) and posterior (back) portions
  5. e refers to the back of the organ or body; contains organs of the nervous system that coordinate body function

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  1. belly button area
  2. infection acquired in a hospital setting
  3. sudden and widespread outbreak of a disease within a specific population group or area
  4. an abnormal condition that exists at the time of birth
  5. disorder caused by a detectable physiological or structural change in an organ (symptoms caused by detectable physical changes in the body)

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  1. geneticsthe fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity


  2. exo-out of


  3. congenital disorder...


  4. endo-within


  5. idiopathic diseasefatal genetic disorder in which harmful quantities of fatty substance build up in tissues and nerve cells in the brain (both parents must have mutated gene to pass it on)


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