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  1. epidemiologist
  2. the stomach is _____ __ the diaphragm
  3. proximal
  4. exo-
  5. umb
  1. a specialist in the study of outbreaks of disease within a population group
  2. b inferior to
  3. c umbilical
  4. d situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure
  5. e out of

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  1. unspecialized cells that are able to renew themselves for long periods of time by cell division
  2. worsening condition
  3. cerebral palsy (the result of brain damage)
  4. a disease of a gland
  5. the body cavity containing the organs used in the digestive system

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  1. dorsal cavitya pathogen is possibly present


  2. anatomic positiona pathogen is possibly present


  3. anatomythe study of structures of the body


  4. path/o-disease, suffering, emotion


  5. hyperplasiachange in structure of cells and their orientation to each other (characteristic of tumor formation)


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