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  1. -ologist
  2. visceral peritoneum
  3. cephalic
  4. hypochondriac regions
  5. liquid connective tissues
  1. a bloodand lymph
  2. b located on the left and right sides of the body and are covered by the lower ribs
  3. c the inner layer of the peritoneum that surrounds the organs of the abdominal cavity
  4. d toward the head
  5. e specialist

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  1. inferior to
  2. space formed by the hip bones and it contains primarily the organs of the reproductive and excretory systems
  3. HEM, hemo
  4. umbilical
  5. inflammation of a gland

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  1. medialfront, or belly side, of the organ or body


  2. idiopathic diseaseprovides protective padding, insulation, and support


  3. caud/o-lower part of the body


  4. functional disorderproduces symptoms for which no physiological or anatomical cause can be identified


  5. genethe fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity


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