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  1. adenosis
  2. ventral cavty
  3. posterior
  4. anaplasia
  5. a tissue
  1. a change in structure of cells and their orientation to each other (characteristic of tumor formation)
  2. b situated in the back; on the back part of an organ
  3. c a disease of a gland
  4. d a group or layer of similarly specialized cells that join together to perform specific functions
  5. e located along the front of the body; contains body organs that maintain homeostasis

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  1. the direction toward or nearer the midline
  2. imaginary vertical and horizontal lines
  3. the fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity
  4. lowermost, below, or toward the feet
  5. bloodand lymph

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  1. pelvic cavityprotects organs of reproduction


  2. Pphysiology, posterior


  3. adip/o-gland


  4. body cavitiesinflammation of a gland


  5. hepatitis b is spread byblood borne transmission


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