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  1. A supranational organization that binds its members together with common policies and shared rules. Great Britain is divided on whether or not they should belong. It was conceived in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome (remember that from AP Euro, of course you do!).
  2. Prime Minister from 1997-2007. He was known for his large policy staff (White House style). Downfall was his support of President Bush and the Iraq war.
  3. The executive departments that work with the Prime Minister. Its head ministers are chosen by the Prime Minister.
  4. The largest British political party on the right. Pro free market economy and privatization. Was strong during the 1980s and 'early 1990s during the rule of Margaret Thatcher and John Major.
  5. The current leader of the Labour party in Great Britain.

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  1. Liberal DemocratsThe largest of the "third" parties in Britain. They are the most "left" of the major parties. Their current leader is Sir "menzies" Campbell.


  2. Prime ministerLeader of the majority party in Great Britain hold this title. It is the chief executive position in a parliamentary system.


  3. United Kingdom/Great BritainUK includes England., Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. GB is the UK without N. Ireland


  4. ThatcherismIdeology that ruled Great Britain during the 1980s in which it was named after the leader of the time. Characteristics include strong foreign policy and promotion of free market economy


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