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  1. manly
  2. Cotton Gin
  3. internal improvements
  4. Texas
  5. Filibuster
  1. a last name of whig governot of nc that led to the parties decline.
  2. b what invention helped farming grow in NC?
  3. c the whig party supported and wanted to progress in the area of banks and __________________.
  4. d what word means to give a long speech to block the passage of a bill?
  5. e The US declared was with Mexico because of the annexation of what state?

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  1. first and last name of the whig governor of nc
  2. which amendment covers the right to bear arms?
  3. who invented the cotton gin?
  4. For a bill vetoed by the president to become a law, it must be passed by what percentage of the congress?
  5. what amendment abolished slavery?

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  1. preambleaccording to cherokee legend, what person gave themselves up to save the others in hiding?


  2. Fourthwhich amendment protects against an illegal search and seizure?


  3. Bill of rightswhat are the first ten amendments of the constitution called?


  4. UndergroundLode mining is a process of searching for gold where?


  5. Seperation of powersthe name of the 1,200 mile walk that many native americans had to take to relocate.


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