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  1. Cotton Gin
  2. Yes
  3. preamble
  4. North Carolina
  5. 1920
  1. a what invention helped farming grow in NC?
  2. b is a person a citizen of the US who is born in another country, but has parents that are US citizens?
  3. c what is the very first part of the Constitution called?
  4. d waht is the first public state university in america?
  5. e what year did women get the right to vote?

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  1. what person is known for establishing sevices and resources for the mentally ill and poor?
  2. what amendment abolished slavery?
  3. last name of whig governot of nc that led to the parties decline.
  4. The US declared was with Mexico because of the annexation of what state?
  5. the name of the 1,200 mile walk that many native americans had to take to relocate.

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  1. farmsmost poor kids didnt go to school in the early 1800's, instead, they worked on family _____.


  2. Fourthwhich amendment protects against an illegal search and seizure?


  3. naturalizedaccording to cherokee legend, what person gave themselves up to save the others in hiding?


  4. Vice presidentwhat political position is the primary leader of the senate?


  5. secondbefore the manhood suffrage bill passed, voting was determined by how much ____ you owned.


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