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  1. Vice president
  2. sixth
  3. first
  4. 1920
  5. preamble
  1. a what is the very first part of the Constitution called?
  2. b what amendment prevents double jeopardy, which means a person cannot be tried twice for the same crime?
  3. c what year did women get the right to vote?
  4. d which amendment lists basic rights such as the right to freedom of speech, religion, press ...?
  5. e what political position is the primary leader of the senate?

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  1. the name of the act that president Jackson signed in 1830 that made Native Americans relocate.
  2. what river were the Cherokee forced to move west of?
  3. this person is next in line to be president after the vice president
  4. this type of citizen was not born in the US, but was made a citizen by law and a process they must go through.
  5. is a person a citizen of the US who is born in another country, but has parents that are US citizens?

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  1. Dorothea Dixwhat invention helped farming grow in NC?


  2. Bill of rightswhat are the first ten amendments of the constitution called?


  3. individualismwhat word means to be concerned only with your own needs and freedoms?


  4. landbefore the manhood suffrage bill passed, voting was determined by how much ____ you owned.


  5. North Carolinawhat person is known for establishing sevices and resources for the mentally ill and poor?


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