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  1. Army
  2. Underground
  3. Trail of Tears
  4. second
  5. internal improvements
  1. a which amendment covers the right to bear arms?
  2. b the whig party supported and wanted to progress in the area of banks and __________________.
  3. c what is the largest branch of the armed forces?
  4. d Lode mining is a process of searching for gold where?
  5. e the name of the 1,200 mile walk that many native americans had to take to relocate.

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  1. according to cherokee legend, what person gave themselves up to save the others in hiding?
  2. what word means to give a long speech to block the passage of a bill?
  3. waht is the first public state university in america?
  4. the division of government toles into different branches is called what?
  5. the name of the act that president Jackson signed in 1830 that made Native Americans relocate.

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  1. speaker of the housethis person is next in line to be president after the vice president


  2. individualismwhat word means to be concerned only with your own needs and freedoms?


  3. 1920what political party went away after their candidate for governor didnt support manhood suffrage?


  4. naturalizedthis type of citizen was not born in the US, but was made a citizen by law and a process they must go through.


  5. 2/3For a bill vetoed by the president to become a law, it must be passed by what percentage of the congress?


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