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  1. Squamous Epithelium
  2. Transitional Epithelium
  3. Osteoblasts
  4. Plasma
  5. Cubodial Epithelium
  1. a The fluid part especially of blood or lymph.
  2. b The shape of the cells closest to the lumen changes depending on the degree of stretching of the organ they belong to.
  3. c Flat cells with nuclei that are flat and parallel to the free surface
  4. d Primary blast cells of bone
  5. e Square cells with nucllei that are round and situated in the middle of the cell

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  1. Primary blast cells of cartilage
  2. An integrated group of cells with a common function, structure, or both.
  3. Plasma, RBC, WBC, Platelets
  4. An iron-containing respiratory pigment of vertebrate red blood cells that functions primarily in the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body.
  5. Destroy abnormal cells

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  1. PlateletThe fluid part especially of blood or lymph.


  2. UnicellularMany cells


  3. Simple EpitheliumThey are found in areas of minimum wear and tear. Their main function is to allow passage of substances between the lumen and the surrounding tissues.


  4. HemocytoblastsPrimary blast cells of bone


  5. BiopsyThe removal and examination of tissue, cells, or fluids from the living body.


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