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  1. abolish
  2. denounce
  3. agonizing
  4. catapult
  5. character
  1. a To speak out against something; to criticize
  2. b A machine used in ancient wars that threw objects with great force
  3. c Very painful
  4. d To bring to an end; to do away with
  5. e The qualities that make a person or place different or special

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  1. To accuse someone of doing wrong
  2. To give shelter to; to take care of by hiding
  3. Unpleasant; disturbing
  4. Cruel; fierce
  5. A person in a story, movie or play

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  1. loathingA feeling of hatred


  2. rouseTo hate or dislike greatly


  3. harborA protected place along a seacoast where ships can find shelter


  4. rouseTo awaken, to wake up


  5. catapultedTo move or be moved suddenly and with great force, as if by a catapult


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