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  1. rouse
  2. loathing
  3. meddlesome
  4. character
  5. harbor
  1. a A protected place along a seacoast where ships can find shelter
  2. b A feeling of hatred
  3. c A letter of symbol used in writing or printing
  4. d Given to taking part in others' affairs without being asked
  5. e To stir up; to excite

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  1. Extremely large
  2. Unpleasant; disturbing
  3. Cruel; fierce
  4. Great pain of mind or body; suffering
  5. A person in a story, movie or play

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  1. harborA letter of symbol used in writing or printing


  2. catapultedA machine used in ancient wars that threw objects with great force


  3. loatheTo hate or dislike greatly


  4. abolishTo bring to an end; to do away with


  5. denounceTo accuse someone of doing wrong


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