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  1. texture
  2. Paradise
  3. Aroma
  4. sour
  5. kerosene
  1. a The texture of something is the way its surface looks and feels.
  2. b Paradise is the place or condition of happiness where things are perfect.
  3. c Keronsene is a type of oil. It is used in some lamps and stoves.
  4. d When something is sour,it has a sharp and unplesent taste.
  5. e An Aroma is a scent or smell.

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  1. To vary means to be different from another thing in size or amount.
  2. An odor is a very distinct smell.
  3. An arc is a curved shape.
  4. If you are horrified, you are very shocked and feel upset.
  5. A thorn is a shar part of a plant.

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  1. rapidWhen something is rapid, it moves or changes very quickly


  2. palateThe palate is the top part of our mouth.


  3. accidentAn accident is an unexpected undesirable event.


  4. stringWhen something is soothing,it makes you calm and relaxed.


  5. SoothingString is thin piece of fabric or rope.


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