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  1. psychology
  2. Reconstruction
  3. Rotten Borrough
  4. radioactivity
  5. Manifest Destiny
  1. a the time period (1865-1877) when Union forces occupied the south and enforced laws that the federal government and constitutional protection of African Americans.
  2. b Voting district that still has lots of representation in parliament but not a large population due to urbanization.
  3. c The belief that Americans have the right and duty to control all the North American continent
  4. d the study of the human mind and behavior.
  5. e a powerful form of energy released by some elements.

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  1. created the first airplane in 1903. This created the aircraft industry.
  2. discovered that bacteria grew in alcohol fermentation. He also discovered that heat killed these germs, and started to develop the germ theory of disease.
  3. An English law that granted suffrage to only well-to-do middle class men (added 2% to the voting rolls) & revised voter rep. in parliament to get rid of rotten boroughs
  4. Addition to Constitution that said a state could NOT deny a person's right to vote because of their race, color, or previous condition of servitude (slavery).
  5. Government sanctioned attack on Jewish people in Russia

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  1. ZionistSomeone who takes violent or extreme measures to achieve a goal


  2. Joseph Listera British surgeon that developed antiseptics to kill germs.


  3. extremistMovement started by Jewish people to create a homeland in Palestine in order to escape prejudice.


  4. Dmitri MendeleevRussian chemist that developed the Periodic Table of Elements in 1869.


  5. Thomas EdisonThis is a political entity that has the right to govern its own domestic affairs, but is still part of a larger empire.


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