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  1. Chartis Movement
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. Sigmund Freud
  4. Lord Durham
  5. Joseph Lister
  1. a Political movement among working class to gain the right to vote and other democratic reforms (Suffrage for all men, yearly parliamentary elections, secret ballot, no property requirements to be in parliament, salary for parliamentary members)
  2. b An Austrian doctor and pioneer in psychology. He developed the idea that actions may be unconsciously determined by early experiences. He developed psychoanalysis.
  3. c British lord that investigated the problems among colonists in Canada and suggested combining Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada and giving colonists the right to govern themselves.
  4. d a British surgeon that developed antiseptics to kill germs.
  5. e The belief that Americans have the right and duty to control all the North American continent

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  1. Native peoples of Australia.
  2. Law that made it lawful to move Native Americans off their land in the Southeast and relocate them to the west so that settlers could take their good farmland
  3. a powerful form of energy released by some elements.
  4. Voting district that still has lots of representation in parliament but not a large population due to urbanization.
  5. to withdraw

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  1. Alexander Graham BellAmerican inventor of the telephone (1876)


  2. Ernest RutherfordAmerican mechanic who developed the use of assembly line production to mass produce cars for the public.


  3. mass cultureart, writing, music and other forms of entertainment that appealed to large audiences.


  4. Trail of TearsThe forced removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Oklahoma in which ΒΌ of them died.


  5. AustraliaThe right to vote


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