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  1. Indian Removal Act of 1830
  2. Reconstruction
  3. suffrage
  4. Third Republic
  5. 15th Amendment
  1. a The right to vote
  2. b Addition to Constitution that said a state could NOT deny a person's right to vote because of their race, color, or previous condition of servitude (slavery).
  3. c Law that made it lawful to move Native Americans off their land in the Southeast and relocate them to the west so that settlers could take their good farmland
  4. d The government of France that replaced Napoleon the 3rd. It lasted for over 60 years beginning in 1875.
  5. e the time period (1865-1877) when Union forces occupied the south and enforced laws that the federal government and constitutional protection of African Americans.

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  1. Native peoples of Australia.
  2. An incident in which a French Jewish army officer was framed for treason. This was a major scandal for the 3rd republic because, at first, they were willing to let him sit in jail so that the French army didn't look bad. Popular support forced the gov't to free him thus saving the 3rd republic
  3. Someone who takes violent or extreme measures to achieve a goal
  4. the study of the human mind and behavior.
  5. a British surgeon that developed antiseptics to kill germs.

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  1. Guglielmo MarconiBritish naturalist that developed the theory of natural selection and evolution (1859)


  2. Ernest Rutherforda British physicist who theorized that atoms were made up of smaller particles called electrons, neutrons, and protons.


  3. Anti- SemitismSomeone who takes violent or extreme measures to achieve a goal


  4. Evolutionthe theory that all living things evolve from lesser species through a process of natural selection.


  5. John DaltonBritish chemist that theorized all matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms in 1803. He also distinguished between elements and compounds.


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