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  1. mobilization
  2. alliance system
  3. league of nations
  4. front
  5. fourteen points
  1. a region where warfare is taking place
  2. b defense agreements among nations
  3. c the peace plan to end war world 1 and restructure the countries of Europe, proposed by woodrow wilson
  4. d gathering resources and preparing for war
  5. e an association of nations to preserve peace and resolve international disputes proposed in Wilson's 14 points

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  1. secret action by enemy agents or sympathizers to damage a nation's war efforts
  2. group that travels with something, like a ship, to protect it
  3. a minority that speaks a different language or follows different customs than the majority of people in a country
  4. a buildup of military strength within a country
  5. payment by the losing country in a war to the winner of the damages caused by the war

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  1. armisticespying


  2. autocracygovernment to which one person has unlimited power


  3. socialistperson who believes industries should be publically owned and owned by government rather than by private individuals


  4. dissentdisagreement with or opposition to an opinion


  5. balance of powerdefense agreements among nations


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