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  1. Pride
  2. 6-7
  3. Magna Carta
  4. Justification by faith alone
  5. 5-6
  1. a Discipline in the Church (I Cor. O)
  2. b The church at Corinth's ____ kept them from dealing with the problem
  3. c Separation and Reconciliation (II Cor. O)
  4. d Galatians is sometimes referred to as the ____ of Christian Liberty
  5. e Theme of Galatians

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  1. Authorship of II Corinthians
  2. Key Verse of II Corinthians
  3. The second most autobiographical of Paul's letters
  4. Paul's Correction of Peter (Galatians KC)
  5. The Judgement seat of Christ is a time of ____, not condemnation

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  1. PaulAuthorship of Galatians


  2. GalatiansKey Verse of Galatians


  3. Future reward, "Terror" of the Lord, Love of ChristTheme of II Corinthians


  4. Yourself, What you can, Out of love, Proportionally, CheerfullyFive Rules for Giving: Give...


  5. Changed livesThe "proof" of ministry


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