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  1. 1-4
  2. Galatians
  3. God's, Serving, Worthwhile
  4. Make sense
  5. 10-13
  1. a Three characteristics of the ministry
  2. b Some rejected the gospel because it didn't ____
  3. c The only book addressed to a group of churches, rather than a single congregation
  4. d Divisions in the Church (I Cor. O)
  5. e Defense of Paul's Ministry (II Cor. O)

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  1. Discipline in the Church (I Cor. O)
  2. The Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians KC)
  3. The Lord's Supper should be a time of ____
  4. Galatians is sometimes referred to as the ____ of Christian Liberty
  5. Third accusation against Paul in II Corinthians

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  1. Fit their expectations for a teacherTheme of Galatians


  2. Changed livesPaul wrote Galatians without using an ____


  3. Churches of GalatiaReadership of Galatians


  4. Crucial, Proven, Hope, Pattern, Motivation____ issues in the church should not be settled in court


  5. Yourself, What you can, Out of love, Proportionally, CheerfullyFive Rules for Giving: Give...


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