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  1. Spiritual Gifts
  2. Paul
  3. II Corinthians
  4. Galatians
  1. a Authorship of Galatians
  2. b Epistle that emphasizes Paul's defense of his ministry
  3. c The second most autobiographical of Paul's letters
  4. d A divine ability to have a spiritually significant impact on the life of another person

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  1. Readership of Galatians
  2. God's Comfort in Difficult Circumstances (II Cor. O)
  3. Paul's Thorn in the Flesh (II Cor. KC)
  4. Aspects of the Gospel Ministry (II Cor. O)
  5. Paul Explains His Change of Plans (II Cor. O)

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  1. GalatiansProbably Paul's first book


  2. 6The Law of Sowing and Reaping (Galatians KC)


  3. Future reward, "Terror" of the Lord, Love of ChristSome rejected Paul because he didn't ____


  4. AmanuensisPaul wrote Galatians without using an ____


  5. 5Paul's Correction of Peter (Galatians KC)


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