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  1. The church at Corinth
  2. Self-Sufficient
  3. Ministry, Manifestation
  4. Galatians 5:1
  5. Worshipfully, Systematically, Personally, Proportionally
  1. a Key Verse of Galatians
  2. b How giving should be done:
  3. c Some rejected any authority in the church because they felt they were ____
  4. d Two categories of "gifts" in the N.T.
  5. e Readership of II Corinthians

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  1. The second most autobiographical of Paul's letters
  2. Authorship of Galatians
  3. Theme of II Corinthians
  4. God's Comfort in Difficult Circumstances (II Cor. O)
  5. Galatians is sometimes referred to as the ____ of Christian Liberty

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  1. RestorationThe goal of discipline is ____, not punishment


  2. 1bPaul Explains His Change of Plans (II Cor. O)


  3. Future reward, "Terror" of the Lord, Love of ChristThree things to remember about the ministry


  4. AmanuensisThe second most autobiographical of Paul's letters


  5. Be willing, flexible, disciplinedThree things to do when in conflict with another Christian


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