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  1. Galatians
  2. 5
  3. 12
  4. Promote themselves
  5. 2b-5
  1. a The Judgement Seat of Christ (II Cor. KC)
  2. b Paul's Thorn in the Flesh (II Cor. KC)
  3. c Probably Paul's first book
  4. d The Corinthians used their manifestation gifts to ____, rather than to glorify God
  5. e Aspects of the Gospel Ministry (II Cor. O)

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  1. Theme of Galatians
  2. Some rejected Paul because he didn't ____
  3. Readership of Galatians
  4. I Corinthians addressed ____ the Corinthians had sent Paul
  5. The goal of discipline is ____, not punishment

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  1. II CorinthiansEpistle that emphasizes Paul's defense of his ministry


  2. He is insincere in the ministryThird accusation against Paul in II Corinthians


  3. Answer questions, correct problemsTwo purposes of I Corinthians


  4. 5The Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians KC)


  5. Galatians 5:1Key Verse of Galatians


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