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  1. vortex
  2. sardonic
  3. reveler
  4. blithe
  5. raucous
  1. a (N) one who makes merry, who has a good time; a partyer
  2. b (N) whirlwind; whirlpool; a situation that draws into its center all that surround
  3. c (adj) noisy, clamorous, boisterous
  4. d (adj) scornful; mocking; cynical
  5. e (adj) cheerful; carefree

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  1. (N) a cutting or biting remark
  2. (V) lurked; hid; moved about stealthily
  3. (adj) plowed and tilled but left unseeded
  4. (N) a metal pan for holding burning coals or charcoal
  5. (adj) having terrible consequences; disastrous

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  1. galled(N) treacherous cunning; craftiness


  2. suppliant(adj) having dirty or wretched appearance


  3. charlatan(N) imposter; a fake; a person who claims to have skill that he does not have


  4. harried(adj) irritated; exasperated; aggravated


  5. evanescent(adj) vanishing or likely to vanish; fleeting


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