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  1. Paradox
  2. Satire
  3. Allegory
  4. Aphorism
  5. Flashback
  1. a Statement that is self contradictory but is reality
  2. b Brings the narrator back in time
  3. c Figurative way of representing; meaning other than literal meaning
  4. d Genre that uses irony
  5. e An orignal thought; memorable

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  1. special pattern of speech
  2. Narrator who does not or cannot comprehend the world
  3. Adjective/phrase that applies to a noun to accent certain characteristics
  4. An abscent person, abstract
  5. Poetry that does not have meter patterns

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  1. VernacularPurposful making fun of someone


  2. OxymoronCombines normal contradictiory terms


  3. MoodClimate or feeling


  4. ArchetypeFigurative way of representing; meaning other than literal meaning


  5. ToneAuthor's attitude toward the reader


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